Students Find Peace in Friday Prayer Sessions

Finding a few moments of peace during a day is difficult for most, especially high school students with their school work, after school activities, and home lives.

That’s one reason why CJ Chaplain Fr. Bob Jones, SM initiated a new opportunity for students to take time out of their day to pray and be with God.

“This summer I was on a retreat with other Marianists and I was reading a book called Into the Silent Land: A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation,” Jones explained. “It outlines a method of prayer that helps to quiet ourselves in the midst of the constant ‘video’ of thoughts and distractions that race through our minds. I found it very helpful for myself, particularly entering into a more contemplative mindset and focusing on God's presence in my life, if even for just a few moments. Then I got to thinking that maybe our students could benefit as well. They are bombarded with information all day (and not just from classroom lessons) and they live very busy and hectic lives. I thought it might be helpful if we create a space where students can experience silence and be able to ‘rest’ in God's presence for a few moments. I also think students are looking for help in how to pray, and I hope these experiences can be beneficial to them.”

The prayer sessions are being held each Friday in the school Chapel during each homeroom period. Faculty and staff are also invited to take part in the time of reflection.

“I think there are two things that are important to remember about this - first, it is always good for everyone to find some moments of quiet and to remember the exhortation of the psalmist, ‘Be still and know that I am God,’" Jones reflected  “Second, what we are doing is nothing new. It is part of an ancient practice, going back to the desert monks in the first centuries of Christianity. We are tapping into a 2000 year tradition that continues to draw individuals closer to God.”

All School Masses

All are invited to join the CJ community during all school Masses at Emmanuel Catholic Church. Mass will be held from 9:45-11:15 a.m. the following days this school year:

  • Wednesday, August 29
  • Wednesday, September 26
  • Wednesday, October 17
  • Thursday, November 1 - All Saints Day
  • Wednesday, Dec. 12
  • Wednesday, Jan. 30
  • Wednesday, Feb. 20
  • Wednesday, Mar. 6 - Ash Wednesday
  • Wednesday, May 10

During all school Masses, the offices in CJ will be closed to allow faculty and staff the opportunity to worship.

Posted August 28, 2018