Students Go Backstage at Dayton Venues

About 30 students got a special backstage look at Dayton’s historic Victoria Theatre and the stunning Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center in early October thanks to a field trip organized by Caitlin Bennett, drama teacher.

Hear more about this unique performing arts experience from freshman Angelo Moore-Knight ‘18:

Before the trip, I was excited to go see both the Victoria Theatre and the Schuster Center. I have been there multiple times for shows, but I have never been on stage or backstage. The reason I could go on this trip is because I am in the Fall Play.

On the field trip, we learned details about the lobby part of the Schuster Center called the Wintergarden, but my favorite part was going backstage. We took a tour backstage of the Schuster Center and we also went under the stage at the Victoria Theatre to see most of the dressing rooms.

I thought it was pretty cool to find out the Victoria Theatre was burned to the ground two times. The wall from the very first Victoria Theatre is still in the basement. Throughout the backstage hallways of both the Victoria and the Schuster, they have signed posters from previous shows.

From this experience, I took away so much information about both the Schuster and the Victoria. If I would not have gone on this trip, I would have never known that the Victoria burned down once, let alone twice, and that the theatre has a ghost. (Yes, the great Victoria Theatre has a ghost!).

I would encourage others to join performing arts at CJ. Not only is it fun, there are fun trips and events that go with it, and everyone can make a friend.

This article is authored by Angelo Moore-Knight ‘18, who plays “The Man” in the Fall Play, You Can’t Take it With You. Photos were taken by Liam Gavin ‘18, a member of the crew. The play runs Nov. 14-16 in the auditorium.