Students Meet Benefactors at Scholarship Breakfast

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, students who received special scholarships to support their education had the opportunity to say, “Thank you” to the benefactors who made it possible. This was part of the school’s annual scholarship breakfast, which was held on Friday, November 16.

For some students, this was their first time attending the breakfast and getting to learn about their benefactor.

“I connected to my scholarship donors on a personal level,” said Jessica Brunner ‘21. “I had a great time learning about their lives and telling them about mine.”

“Having breakfast with the benefactors was great,” shared Gabby Cambron ‘19. “We all had a lot to talk about and everyone was so friendly.”

Several students said that without their scholarship, they may not be able to attend CJ.

“This scholarship allows me to go to this great school, so I was excited to meet the benefactors and know who they are,” Shane Cokes ‘19 reflected.

Students also learned about the special connections the benefactors have to CJ, whether they graduated from the school or were connected in a different way.

“I was surprised to learn what led my benefactors to become Sisters through their time at CJ,” Brunner said. “They have had amazing life experiences and have a positive outlook on life. It made me happy because maybe one day I'll be like them.”

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Posted November 21, 2018