Students Participate In Day of Silent Solidarity

"Today I am being voiceless to represent the fact that aborted babies don't have a voice."

Clara Mussin-Phillips '17 joined dozens of other CJ students by participating in the national Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity on Tuesday, October 20. This was the 11th year for the national campaign. Eagles for Life moderator Karen Emmerich said this is the third year CJ students have participated in the movement.

"I am choosing to participate in the day of silence because I am pro-life, and because I respect all those lives who were taken by abortion," said Clayton Jette '17, who is a member of Eagles for Life. "Also, I feel this is my chance to respect those words that were never able to be spoken due to abortions."

Students showed they were participating in the day of silence by wearing a piece of red tape on their clothes, hands or mouth.

This was Jumarion Wills '17 second time participating in the day of silence. He wrote, "I'm wearing the red tape for all those who were silenced by abortion."

Religion teacher Mick Mominee said his students were motivated to participate in the cause. "It's a powerful message. It's neat that CJ is participating in something that's on the national level."

Jette added, "The symbol of respect our school shows by being silent for a day means a lot to me."

While Mussin-Phillips participated in the day of silence, she said she wants to continue spreading pro-life awareness beyond this day.

"My service this year will be at the Elizabeth's New Life Center, and I am going to do research about pro-life missions,"  Mussin-Phillips said.

Mominee affirmed, "It's great for our students to participate in something that is bigger than themselves."