Students Recognized for Scholastic Writing Awards

Eight students were recognized with high honors for their excellence in writing.

Caroline Chaulk ‘20, Madeline Hofstetter ‘20, Ben Kneblik ‘20, Carolyn Marshall ‘21, John Muhl ‘20, Ellie Reeves ‘20, Ryann Rippey ‘20 and Ella Waldspurger were all honored by the Scholastic Writing Awards. Chaulk and Hofstetter received Silver Keys in the poetry category and Reeves received an honorable mention. Marshall and Waldspurger received Silver Keys in the short story category. Kneblik, Muhl, and Rippey received honorable mentions in the flash fiction, science fiction/fantasy, and critical essay categories respectively. Silver keys are awarded to the top 7-10% of all entries and honorable mention is awarded to the top 10-15% of all entries.

“So many of our students are very fine writers,” shared English teacher Beth Marshall. “Recognition by the National Scholastic Arts and Writing contest is fantastic affirmation of what we, as their teachers, already know. I hope the success of these students inspires more of our CJ students to submit work (and win!) next year!”

Some of the students shared their winning pieces:

Chaulk: “The Tale of the Mighty Caspian

“The motivation behind my piece was the Anglo-Saxon Literature section in my English class this year,” Chaulk noted. “I was inspired by the epic poem 'Beowulf.' My class was asked to write an epic poem about a topic and I decided to write something similar to 'Beowulf.'"

Hofstetter: “To Be Loved by Michelangelo/ My Archangel”

Kneblik: “Only Climb

“I wrote about anxiety and depression and pressure from parents that can be really hard on people,” Kneblik shared. “Sometimes you have your own goals that inspire you but do not align with other's plans for you.”

Marshall: "Secure"

Muhl: “Fallen Kings”

Reeves: “Old Soul Meets New World”

Rippey: “The Detrimental Power of Unrequited Love in Medieval Literature

Waldspurger: “Questions, Not Answers, and the Colors”

Congratulations to all students!

Posted February 27, 2019