Students Submit Designs for Art In Architecture Competition

Update: Two students earned honors in the Art in Architecture competition and were recognized in a ceremony on Sunday, April 10.

Sara Bowman '17 won the award for most creative use of materials and Austin Fuchs '17 won an honorable mention for the book award.


First Look: From the computer screen to the streets of Dayton, young architects got the opportunity to share their ideas for the renovation of a downtown building, as part of the Art in Architecture competition.

"I think the opportunity to take part in this competition is fabulous," said Alex Bohler, an architect with Annette Miller Architects. "Architecture is a field that a lot of people don't get exposed to until at least after high school."

"A lot of the high school programs focus on drafting so there isn't a lot of time allotted for design," added Charlie Setterfield, an architect and associate professor at Sinclair Community College. "This competition is about design and gives them that opportunity to do that."

Students in Matt Fuhs' Civil Engineering and Architecture class participated in this year's competition. Bohler and Setterfield, who are both part of the Art in Architecture competition committee, came to the class to share their thoughts and feedback about the competition.

"I think that it is a great opportunity to redesign a building in Dayton because it gives me a chance and a view of what real architect designers plan and do," shared Jaime Cambron '17. "I’m also learning about being influenced from factors, such as artist opinion, specific measurements,  and limited time. These factors put me in a real life like situation." 

This year's competition focused on the urban revitalization of downtown Dayton. Students were asked to look at two connected building on East Third Street and redevelop the property. 

"I think having a renovation project is fun and forces the students to think a little differently when you're given something to start with," noted Bohler.

All projects were due Saturday, March 12 and will be judged over the following weeks. Winners will be chosen and recognized at an awards ceremony on Sunday, April 10.

"Winners may receive prizes like scholarships," Setterfield explained. "The top prize is a scholarship for 15 credit hours at Sinclair."

Ideas and inspiration from some of the students' work may also be used to redevelop the downtown Dayton property.

"I would be really happy if they used my design," said Cambron. "I have a lot of creativity in my renovation. I think that would be really cool if they used some of it."

Fuhs added, "The students ask, 'are they going to use my design?' It's hard to believe that they're designing pretty serious stuff but we have very capable students."

The projects will be on display at the Rosewoods Arts Centre (2655 Olson Drive, Kettering) from March 12 through April 9.

Originally Posted March 11, 2016