Teacher, Coach Zaidain Retires After 43 Years of Service

"My biggest regret is that I'm not 23 and can do it all over again."

After 43 years of service, John Zaidain '68 taught his last class at Chaminade Julienne on Thursday, December 15.

"It was special to come back and it was special to be here the first year of the merger," Zaidain shared.

While attending the University of Dayton, Zaidain volunteered as an assistant with the Eagles football team. He later began working at the school full-time as a teacher and coach. During his time at CJ, Zaidain taught social studies and physical education and was a coach on the football, tennis and volleyball teams.

"This place is special - not because of all of the improvements, it's special because of the people," Zaidain reflected. "That goes for the staff, teachers and kids. Anything that is successful is because of the people and not just the place."

Zaidain will continue to coach for the Eagles. He and his wife, Kathy, are the parents of two CJ graduates, Jessica '02 and Joanna '05.

Friends and former students shared their well wishes for Zaidain on the CJ Facebook and CJ Alumni Facebook pages. Here are just some of their comments:

Frank Ambrose: Had the honor of being coached by him and then working and coaching along side him. A great man of Chaminade. Congrats Coach Z. Enjoy.

Shelley Michel Baldwin: Congratulations, Mr. Zaidain and THANK YOU for your service to CJ!

Patrick Cahill: Congratulations on such a long successful career of shaping our children, God bless and thank you!

Letitia Golf-Evans: Congratulations, Mr. Zaidain! I still remember running laps around the building at the start of phys ed class

Paul Schreel: An amazing teaching/coaching career. Enjoy retirement Coach Z!

Natalie Geel Smith: Congratulations Mr. Z! You are what CJ is all about! You are a true inspiration !

Posted December 21, 2016