Teachers Expand Their Classroom at Roger Glass Stadium

While Roger Glass Stadium - Home of the CJ Eagles is known for mostly hosting athletic events, the stadium has provided learning opportunities for all students. Several teachers have used the stadium and its amenities for multiple lessons outside the classroom walls.

"The stadium has expanded my classroom activities especially for honors physics," science teacher Amanda Duritsch said. "I am able to utilize exciting applications of physics content for the students and now have a space to do those that you cannot do inside a normal building (launching marbles into a small bin from a large height, water balloon aiming, egg drop, projectiles).  It is great to have a wide open space that I can use for multiple classes throughout the year." 

This week, Duritsch took her physical science classes to the stadium as the groups worked on converting units from yards to meters. 

"Roger Glass Stadium is not only the premier outdoor facility in the region, it is also a venue for our entire community to take advantage of and utilize," Brian Reinhart, Director of Athletics, reflected. "We encourage our teachers at CJ to use the vast space and elements into their lessons to have a truly hands on experience.

"From Miss Duritsch using it for physics to drop water balloons off the top of the bleachers, to Mrs. Dozer using it for physical education classes, it is a valuable resource that is used throughout the day to literally expand our classrooms," Reinhart continued.

Duritsch also noted, "The most beneficial part is that the students get to merge their sports  and extracurricular experience on that field with their science experience from the classroom. They realize that the two are not separate but always intertwined."

Posted August 24, 2017