Teachers Present at National Conventions

Three Chaminade Julienne teachers were invited to share their unique classroom concepts for integrating social justice and research into the curriculum at two national education conventions this spring.

On April 23, English teacher Greg Mueller and religion teacher Dr. Mick Mominee (pictured above) will present at the 2014 National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) Convention and Expo in Pittsburgh. Their presentation titled, “Implementing a Cross Curricular Social Justice Research Project in a Catholic High School,” focuses on CJ’s Integrated Social Justice Research Project (ISJRP).

The project, based in Catholic social teaching, melds service learning, research and writing assignments into one year-long process for juniors across both their English class (composition and literature) and religion class (morality and social justice). The ISJRP also moves students into thinking about their Senior Capstone Project.

And back in mid-March, English department chair and Capstone Coordinator Molly Bardine also presented at the 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Annual Convention in Indianapolis where she joined a panel of two professors and one graduate student from the University of Dayton. The group presented, "College Readiness, Web Writing, and First-Year Composition: Opening Access in the Transition from High School to College Writing."

Bardine demonstrated how writing for the Web as part of high school composition classes can help better prepare students for both the new Common Core State Standards and success in college. Read the full description online.

The trio of CJ presenters have a combined 44 years teaching experience in secondary Catholic education.

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Want to see a glimpse of some of these teaching techniques in action? We highly recommend you check out this excellent Classroom Success Story about CJ junior religion classes by Heather Martin, strategic communications coordinator at VARtek Services, Inc. An excerpt from the story is published below:

As far as Mick Mominee is concerned, if television and film were a couple millennia older, Jesus would have used them to get his points across.

Popular media is a powerful way to make lessons stick, says the religion teacher at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School—and he uses everything from TV sitcoms and commercials to PowerPoint and YouTube to teach his students such concepts as baptism, forgiveness, and moral development.

Posted April 10, 2014