Three Honored in Architect Design Contest

Three talented students were recognized for their designs in the 36th annual Art in Architecture Student Design Competition.

Bryce Howell ’17 earned the top prize in the competition, the Top Design Award. Paul Wittmann ’18 received the Merit Award, which was second place. Sara Bowman ’17 earned the Future Architect Award.

“The competition was tough, and it was fun to prepare for,” reflected Howell.

For the past three years, CJ students have participated in the Art in Architecture (AIA) Student Design Competition. The competition challenges local students to showcase a design project based on current Dayton structures. This year’s competition was named “The Stage at First Flight” and asked students to focus on designing an outdoor performance venue structure at Dave Hall Plaza in Dayton. 

“The students get an opportunity to talk/work with professionals from several disciplines including architects, artists, engineers, and designers,” said teacher Matt Fuhs. “They get to see the process of how a professional company puts together a project, and how to display that information to others.”

Students in Fuhs’ Civil Engineering and Architecture class, part of the Project Lead the Way curriculum, participated in the competition, in addition to art students and students who elected to complete the project individually.

“I tried very hard to make sure there was not a dead space when it was not being used as a concert venue,” Wittmann noted about his design. “I put in gently winding sidewalks and pathways that connected all of the corners of the park - they also make it a much more inviting and walkable space.”

“I would say that the most unique element of my design was the use of ironwork in the plans,” Howell reflected.

Fuhs added, “The quality of the work has improved because of our investment in a poster printer. It is quite an improvement to see three students get awards, and to take the top two awards.”

The competition encourages students to work with current local architects during workshops organized by AIA Dayton.

“I really liked going to meetings with real architects and hearing their opinions on my design,” Wittmann said. “They brought so many great ideas and advice to my design.”

Howell agreed, “I enjoyed design review and collaboration. It was a great experience to receive feedback and input from others.”

You can learn more about the competition and awards here.

Posted April 4, 2017