Three Sign to Continue Playing Football in College

Three football players will continue playing the sport they love as Tyler Curtis '16, Spencer Dufresne '16 and Deter Spees '16 committed to playing college football on Wednesday, May 4. Curtis will attend Otterbein University, Dufresne will attend Mount St. Joseph University, and Spees will attend the Florida Institute of Technology.

All three said the schools they chose had the academic and athletic needs they were looking for.

"I went up to Otterbein and had a good visit," Curtis said. "It really seemed like the place for me and I will be able to study systems engineering there."

"The coaches at Mount St. Joseph approached me about football and the school had the biology programs that I was interested in," noted Dufresne.

Spees added, "The Florida Institute of Technology had everything I wanted to study. When I saw they had a football team, I knew it would be perfect for me."

Head Football Coach Marcus Colvin said college signing days are some of his proudest moments as a coach.

"I think the best thing for me as a coach, and as a program, that we can do is have kids for four years and then they still want to play football in college," Colvin said. "I think that is a testament to our school and to our program."

At least four out of the eight senior football players will continue to play in college, Colvin noted. Derson Pratt '16 signed with Cincinnati Christian University in February.

"To have half of the seniors commit to playing in college is really exciting," Curtis reflected.

Spees agreed, "That's a really big accomplishment for our senior class. It shows how much we love the sport and want to grow in our community."

The college community is something the players and Colvin feel the students are ready for because of CJ.

"I've learned at CJ a lot more about who I am as a person," Dufresne shared. "I think the community has helped me with that. I think going to a school that is only about twice the size of CJ will be really nice."

Colvin added, "The kids will find at college that they will seek community. If they don't find it, they can create it. That's the best thing about CJ, as kids leave here, they understand what community is and how to develop and foster it. I think the support they have shows that the CJ community is special. It intangibly becomes part of these kids and something they seek as they go to college."

Posted May 6, 2016