Three Students Honored with Scholastic Art Awards

Three students recently received recognition through the nation's highest art honors, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The winners from CJ were:

Bryce Howell '17:

  • View from Franklin Street - American Visions Nominee and Gold Key 
  • View from Deeds Point - Silver Key
  • Before Fireworks - Silver Key
  • Utility Poles - Honorable Mention

Rose McDonald '16:

  • First Day of School - Silver Key
  • Art Portfolio -  Afflicted Resurrection - Honorable Mention
  • Money Over Matter - Honorable Mention
  • The Beginning of Forever - Honorable Mention

Adzaan Muqtadir '16:

  • The Departure - Silver Key
  • Sewn From Scraps - Honorable Mention
  • The Fitting - Honorable Mention
  • The Storm's Watercolor - Honorable Mention
  • Self Portrait - Honorable Mention

"I am so pleased about their wins in this contest," said teacher Kaye Carlile. "I couldn't have better students, in every way - not just their art talents, but what they exhibit in their dedication, effort and wonderful character."

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were established in 1923 for students in grades 7-12. Last year, more than 300,000 entries were submitted.

This was the second year in a row Muqtadir was recognized with honors.

"My favorite artistic medium is photography and digital art," Muqtadir shared. "I like merging together images to make photo collages that show different elements of a concept or vibe that I’m trying to convey."

"My favorite type of art is photography and film," McDonald commented. "I love taking a moment and capturing it in a way that really speaks to people. Art for me is entirely about emotion and concepts and I feel I can express myself and impact people most strongly from behind a camera."

Howell said, "I enjoy the visual arts, especially drawing and painting. I enjoy being able to sketch objects and people and to make watercolor paintings. I've been considering taking up oil painting as well."

Carlile emphasized the passion the students have for the arts, with some choosing to continue using their talents after CJ.

"Many of my students are going to pursue a profession in the arts," Carlile continued. "Taking part in, and especially winning, is an important stepping stone in their success as an artist."

"Next year I will be going to Columbia College Chicago to study in their Cinema Art + Sciences program and earn a degree in directing or screenwriting," McDonald announced.

Other competitions the students have or will be participating in this school year included The Third Congressional Art Exhibit, The Ohio Governor's Art Competition, and the Max May Holocaust  Art Competition.

"My favorite part of being involved in art at CJ is that I have a designated time every day where I can sit down and genuinely think about and make things that I love making," Howell shared. "School doesn't seem hard when I get to take time every day to work on the things I am passionate about."

Muqtadir agreed, "With art at CJ and its partnership at K12, the resources available to complete and implement projects has definitely branched out which is something that I appreciate."

You can view some of the students' art pieces below.

Pieces by Rosie McDonald:  



Pieces by Adzaan Muqtadir:  

Posted April 18, 2016