Video: Shadow Me at CJ

There’s still time for eighth graders to shadow a student at CJ before the Dec. 1 scholarship deadline!

New this year, members of the Class of 2019 are being awarded $200,000 in scholarships. Every eighth grade applicant can qualify by completing three steps. It starts by scheduling a day to shadow.

The Shadow Day experience pairs a visiting eightth grader with CJ students known as Eagle Ambassadors. Together with these upperclassmen, our guests attend classes, meet teachers, eat lunch and experience a small slice of life as an Eagle.

“When I was a middle schooler coming in, the Eagle Ambassadors were a large factor in my decision to come to CJ,” sophomore Alexis Jackson ‘17 said. The Pathway School of Discovery graduate now welcomes shadows as an Eagle Ambassador herself.

Fellow sophomore Erin Heiney ‘17, who graduated from St. Helen, said she enjoys spending the day with a shadow, introducing eighth graders to her teachers, and letting them experience the CJ community. “We’re just a big community of people that actually really care about each other,” she said.

“Whether it be teachers, whether it be students -- they care about you. It’s really a family,” junior Evan Skrobot ‘16 said. He enjoys hosting shadows for the chance to meet a new friend.

“You get to make a new friend that is going to be a freshman when you’re an upperclassman, and it's kind of like [having] a little brother or sister. You protect over them and you kind of watch them grow as they watch you grow,” the Holy Angels graduate said.

Before afternoon prayer is recited over the PA at 2:59 p.m., completing the shadow experience, Peter tries to leave one lasting impression on eighth graders who will soon be making a high school decision of their own

“[CJ] is the right fit for most people. You will enjoy your time here, you will enjoy the people, you will enjoy the teachers, and you’re going to enjoy the full blown aspect of CJ,” he said.

Hear More!
Watch Shadow Me (video below) at Chaminade Julienne to hear more about what your child can expect from the Shadow Day experience as told by Alexis, Erin, Peter and their classmates.

Parents are also invited to tour the school and meet with Brett Chmiel ’02 on the day of their child’s shadow visit, or arrange for an individual visit and tour at a more convenient time. Please contact Jeanne Spitzig ’75 in the admission office (937) 461-3740 x249 or at to arrange your visit to CJ.