Virtual Walk-Through Helps Students Acclimate Before Arriving to Campus

Nothing about this year has been “business as usual.” As we approach the reopening campus, Chaminade Julienne faculty and staff continue to work diligently on new safety protocols and operational procedures to ensure that students are returning to the safest environment possible.

“Our decision to reopen wasn’t made lightly,” said Michael Bittorf, safety coordinator at CJ. “My entire role is structured around creating a safe environment for students, faculty and staff that grants us and public health officials the confidence needed to reopen.”

A few of the new safety features include staggered arrival and dismissal times, touchless temperature scans upon entry, directional flow signage on stairs and throughout the building, socially distanced classrooms and common areas and multiple hand sanitizing stations in hallways, to name a few.

View video on The Light Ahead Page

Along with these building modifications, CJ has also implemented new protocols and guidelines for students, as well as faculty and staff, to follow. For example, teachers will spray each desk with a cleaning agent before students arrive to the classroom, allowing the students to wipe them down before sitting down to learn.

“This is the new normal for our classrooms and campus,” said Bittorf. “These new procedures, protocols and implementations enable our community to safely reconvene and enjoy face-to-face interaction and hands-on learning in an environment provides peace of mind thanks to our safety planning and preparation.”

Because the changes are many, CJ decided to create a video that will help students and parents feel comfortable with these new protocols before arriving on campus. With the help of a group of volunteer students, a video walk-through was recorded to help the community prepare.


-- Published on August 13, 2020