Walk to State: Men's and Women's Swimming

UPDATE: Moran placed 7th in the 500 and 11th in the 200 freestyle events. Zelina placed 12th in the 200 and 20th in the 100 freestyle events. Congratulations!

Road to State: To a school full of cheers, swimmers Macleary Moran '18 and Jorge Zelina '19 participated in the traditional "walk to state" around the CJ hallways on Wednesday, February 24.

"I am most looking forward to competition," Zelina said. He will be competing in the 100 and 200 freestyle events.

Moran, who participated the state competition last year, will be competing in the 200 and 500 freestyle events.

"I am hoping to place higher than I did last year," Moran reflected. 

"Macleary has impressed me with her focus on what she needs to do to drop time and qualify," noted CJ Swim Coach Kate Whistler. "She puts that goal in her head and just does it. Her hard work is evident both in and out of the pool. She has been a fantastic role model to our other swimmers."

Whistler continued, "Jorge is a freshman and only 18 months into swimming combatively! His raw talent is unbelievable and we expect many great things from him as he learns how to race and train.  He will only get better."

Joining the pair in the walk to state was the entire men's and women's swim team.

"It is great to have them here," shared Moran. "They are super supportive."

Zelina agreed, "I am glad for the support and it is nice to have them with us as we walk to state."

Whistler added, "We have such a young team this year with only 4 seniors graduating. We anticipate a bigger state team next year and look forward to seeing what these young athletes can do!"