World Culture Students Learn More About Downtown Dayton

“If you’re going to learn about the world, you need to learn about your own backyard first.”

That was the premise behind history teacher Tony Ricciuto’s ‘74 walking tour of downtown Dayton with his freshmen students. At the beginning of each school year, Ricciuto takes his world cultures students throughout downtown explaining the history behind iconic features and how downtown has evolved over the years. 

New this year on the tour was a stop at Levitt Pavilion. Ricciuto explained to his students the benefactors’ initiative to highlight the arts in Dayton. CJ’s Eagle Pride marching band was part of the grand opening festivities of the Levitt Pavilion in August.

A highlight for many on the trip was visiting local eateries. Depending on the class period time, Ricciuto takes the students to Flying Pizza or Third and Perk.

Other stops on the tour included Courthouse Square and Riverscape Metro Park.

Posted August 30, 2018