Yeazel Signs Letter of Intent

The women's golf team has had five players in the past nine years continue their athletic career after CJ. On Monday, October 12, Lizzi Yeazel '16 became the sixth women's golfer to sign-on to continue playing in college.

Yeazel signed her letter of intent to play at St. Mary of-the-Woods College, located northwest of Terre Haute, Indiana.  She is going to the school to study music therapy.

"The St. Mary of-the-Woods women's golfers have a good work ethic, and I'm excited to bring my work ethic to them," shared Yeazel. "I'm excited to bond with my team and for them to be an away-from-home family."

Yeazel credited her golf principles to CJ coach George Menker '55.

 "He has been such a wonderful coach these past four years," Yeazel said. "He constantly makes us practice and he builds up our work ethic, and that's where I believe mine came from. "

"She will be missed," Menker said about Yeazel. "She's been an excellent golfer."

The four seniors on the women's golf team have qualified for the state competition since they were freshmen, Menker shared. In 2012, they placed second, in 2013, they placed third, and in 2014, they placed fourth. The women's golf team will play in the 2015 state competition at the end of this week.

Although they will play in one more competition, Yeazel said she will miss the team prayer and bonding on the bus with her CJ teammates the most, and is thankful for the time she has had with them.

Yeazel said, "Thank you to CJ, for being such a wonderful community, and thank you to my family, parents, friends, and teachers."