Fall 2021-2022 Health and Safety Protocols

Chaminade Julienne started the 2021-2022 school year with a universal masking policy to help preserve in-person instruction as much as possible, giving our community three weeks of grace to launch the school year in a strong way. After the first three weeks of school, we extended our universal face covering policy to the end of the first quarter on Friday, October 8 as cases began to rise, and the impact on area hospitals and testing centers were again heightened.

Since that decision, the City of Dayton passed an indoor face covering ordinance on September 15, CJ will continue our universal face covering policy for a while longer, allowing us to meet the spirit of that ordinance and providing additional time to see if the conditions in the state and our region continue to improve. Therefore, we have extended the current policy until at least November 8, which represents the midpoint of the second quarter. 

The good news is that we have experienced two weeks with limited positive cases. Perhaps this is a sign that we could successfully move to a “mask optional” approach in November. But, as we have been since the start of the pandemic, we will continue to be cautious to protect the health and safety of the CJ community. Thanks for your patience as the COVID response team and school leadership continue to monitor conditions and consider how to proceed.

Pre-pandemic procedures being reinstated:

  • we are returning to our in-person traditional modified block schedule, with the same arrival and dismissal times for all students;
  • temperature checks will no longer be conducted; 
  • staircases will again have a two-way flow; 
  • there are no longer room capacity limits;
  • lockers are available to students; and 
  • face coverings are not required on campus when outdoors.

Health and safety protocols in place for our community:

  • CJ face covering for students provided on the first day of school;
  • disposable masks available at entrances;
  • hand sanitizer stations throughout school;
  • increased ventilation in our air handling systems;
  • nightly cleaning of classroom desk surfaces;
  • social distancing of desks at the recommended 3 feet when available; and
  • plans for an expanded dining space to increase social distancing at lunches.
In effect for the entire year, individuals with positive cases are still required to report the case to CJ at (866) 271-9303 or

A Time of Grace

With everyone wearing a face covering indoors for the first quarter, we are allowing our community a period of grace — the opportunity for us to start the year in the strongest way possible. During these three weeks of preserving in-person learning to the largest degree possible:
  • students will get to know their teachers and classmates and establish relationships, 
  • teachers and staff members will be able to focus this time on instructing and opening school. Because everyone is masked, a reported case will cause less change in the flow of school operations and the time required to respond to a reported case,
  • school community members will have time to acclimate to the school environment, easing concerns and allowing members to decide on personal health protocols to follow,
  • individuals in the process of receiving the vaccine will have time to become fully vaccinated, and
  • the COVID response team will have the benefit of knowing the impact of the opening of the school season in other school districts.

Why not continue indefinitely?

According to the health professionals with whom we consulted, we learned that those who are currently requiring hospitalization due to COVID-19 (including the variant) are almost entirely those who are unvaccinated, and who are older than our student population. The CJ community has a high rate of vaccination — indications from the surveys tell us that the vaccination rate among our student population is more than 60 percent, and more than 90 percent for employees. In Ohio, since January 2021, 98.4% of hospitalizations have been people who have not been vaccinated. Though some vaccinated individuals may experience some symptoms from exposure, it appears that the vaccinations are working as intended, protecting those individuals from serious impact. 

Because of these indicators, CJ is confident that the school community can eventually pivot to a mask-optional policy. Wearing a face covering will continue to be required when riding on any form of school transportation. At all times, students, teachers, staff members, and coaches will be strongly supported if they decide to continue to wear face coverings and social distance while at CJ.

A reported positive case will result in quarantine notifications being sent to those who were in close contact with the person reporting a positive case. Per ODH:
  • Unvaccinated individuals will be expected to quarantine for up to ten (10) days if they were in close contact with a person who tested positive, and that the close contact occurred in an unmasked setting.
  • Vaccinated persons who provide a copy of their vaccination record to the school nurse will not have to quarantine, even if there was close contact without face coverings, provided the person is not experiencing any symptoms. Families who wish to pre-register their child’s vaccination card with CJ may provide a copy of the student’s vaccination card (front and back) to CJ school nurse, Colleen Norris, RN/BSN/LSN. Copies may be submitted by email, or by sending the information in an envelope with your student, who can turn it in to the nurse. Should you have any questions about providing this information, please contact Colleen.
All updates to our health and safety protocols will be available on the on this page, which will also host information regarding reported case counts of COVID-19 within the school community.

If you have questions, please email us at:
Reported Positive Cases of COVID-19
Week of October 18, 2021
Reported Positive Cases of COVID-19
2021-2022 School Year
COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics
COVID-19 vaccines are now available to all Ohioans ages 12 and up. View available appointments through Dayton providers below. 
  • Premier Health - CJ's COVID-19 Vaccination Partner - has COVID-19 vaccine appointment slots available in Miami, Montgomery, and Warren counties. Click here for more information, including how to schedule an appointment.
  • Kettering Health Network - Click here to schedule an appointment in Beavercreek, Dayton, Jamestown, Kettering, or Xenia. 
  • Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County - Click here to schedule an appointment through Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County. 

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