Daniel Eiser

CJ Service: English Teacher
Other Service: Women’s Cross Country Head Coach; Senior Student Council Co-Moderator
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Education:  University of Dayton, BA English; University of Dayton, Masters in Education

CJ Philosophy: Chaminade Julienne provides an ideal Catholic educational experience for each student. In my short time here, I have seen an intentionality in the overall formation of students that is unbelievable. I was an outsider to the school community when I started my journey here. I did not grow up in Dayton and attended Catholic schools in Cincinnati. While the education I received was excellent and provided faith opportunities, there was a feeling of purpose missing. This does not seem to be the case at CJ. We as a staff and a school overall recognize that we are here for a reason. We believe that we are not just here to get or give a grade and move on. We understand that the growth of the person is just as vital as the academic education they receive. I am proud to be a part of that.

I feel I bring a lot of unique gifts to the CJ community. I have been through multiple Catholic institutions in my life. I enjoy bringing a different viewpoint into a classroom and synthesizing the English content with real world solutions. I also feel that I can also provide a classroom experience that reflects a new generation. This involves the use of technology and other things that I have grown up with, just like the students.