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Students enrolling in business courses take what they learn in the classroom and immediately incorporate it into daily activities, testing their knowledge through real world situations and simulations.

Department Highlights

  • Connected Classroom -- Powered by Google® was implemented for the Class of 2017. This technology-based initiative enhances the teaching and learning process through the integration of the Internet-based Google® suite of products.
  • Students participate in the University of Dayton stock market contest where students invest money and compete against other local schools. CJ's teams consistently score in the top five.
  • Freshmen Computer Skills Competency Program ensures all first-year students have a basic level of computer skills.
  • Students start up and run their own virtual sports franchise to gain experience with the business of aspects of owning and operating their own company.
  • Business Ethics and Leadership students apply the Catholic values and morality lessons they learn in Religion 11 to the business world.