Emily Saunders

CJ Service: Administrative Assistant, Guidance
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CJ Philosophy: As I sat and listened to alumni talk to a group of seniors and they gave advice on what to expect as freshmen in college it struck me that the theme was repeated over and over - find a quiet place to just be!

The Class of 2014 told the Class of 2015 not to worry because their time at CJ had prepared them academically, socially, and spiritually for college. They also told them that the daily routine of prayer, on the morning announcements, during service projects, in religion classes, at school masses, and being around so many others that share the same beliefs that you have all these years, was going to change drastically.

Their advice was to take what CJ had taught them about Faith and to seek it out! These alumni had done exactly that - they had to ask others what their beliefs were, find a church that held the services they were looking for, get involved in service projects, live in religious housing, join a bible study and prayer groups, and just find a quiet place to reconnect with that voice inside that helped them get through all of the new things they were experiencing.

The reason this moved me so much was because some of our students might only experience these things within the walls of Chaminade Julienne. I believe the ultimate goal is for our students to go out into their world after CJ and to make their new world a better place with what they have learned. 

I am the mother of 4 children and this helps me to understand a little of where the students are coming from and to have patience when they need a little something extra. I also think that the ages of my children and the fact that I am going through the same things as our parents help me to connect and understand where parents are coming from when they need information and are asking questions. 

This past year I saw this even more than ever! As the seniors went through the college process, and I went through it with my own senior, I felt like I was able to understand their stresses and to help them get over some of their hurdles. Sometimes just taking a few minutes to listen, look up something, print a form, make a phone call, or look over their paperwork helped them to calm down, regroup, and then move on and find the answer or think through what they needed to do next.

I try to remind myself that each student is different and they still need help (even seniors.) They get overwhelmed and sometimes just need someone to listen as they work through what steps are next.

At the end of the day, I hope that I have helped at least one (but hopefully many more) student in whatever way that they needed when they needed it!