2022 CJ Open House

Chaminade Julienne is yours to explore, Sunday, Sept. 25, from 4-6 p.m.
Welcome to this beautiful campus, especially designed for outstanding opportunities for our students — and still growing!
This is a perfect opportunity for young families  (K-8th grade) to learn about the new and exciting  investments that we are making in our students today. Academics, programs and the expansion of our campus are all opening up a whole new set of opportunities that are part of the Chaminade Julienne experience for students: Excellent Academics, Catholic Faith and Enriched Community.
During your visit, you and your family will:
  • explore teaching and learning spaces throughout campus with an Eagle Ambassador,
  • meet current students, teachers, staff members, coaches and families, and
  • enjoy some great interaction with your family through try-it activities.
See how fun it is to learn:
  • Encounter African drums, a capella fun, and staging sound effects with performing arts,
  • Explore STEMM: dissection activity and build out molecular structures with Biomed,
  • Test your trivia knowledge with our social studies department,
  • Showcase your skills with our athletics coaches and players, and
  • Step up to the challenge in a SuperSmash Bros. competition with the Gaming Club
All are welcome!