FAQs - The Light Ahead

Is there a distance learning option?
Registration is closed for the first quarter. Parents should email Kate Elder, guidance administrative assistant, or their child's counselor to discuss any academic requests.

Will students be provided with a CJ face covering?
Yes, all students will receive two (2) CJ uniform compliant face coverings. One face covering will be the traditional earloop mask, and the other will be a gaiter style mask covering that students can wear around their neck and pull up over their mouth and nose.

Will students be permitted to take mask breaks throughout the day?
We are working on establishing guidelines for when and where students will be permitted to take their mask off throughout the day.

Will more CJ uniform compliant face masks be available for purchase?
Yes. If a student would like more than the two (2) CJ uniform compliant face masks they’re provided, they may purchase more at the CJ Spirit Shop. Hours for the Spirit Shop can be found here.

How will students prepare for AP exams in the spring if their AP class takes place in the fall?
We will hold review sessions in the spring for all AP exams to help students properly prepare.

What are practice distance learning days?
Practice distance learning days are scheduled for August 31 and September 1. On each of these days, students will stay home and the school will run on our distance learning plan, allowing faculty and staff to establish what is expected of students if we were required to switch to our distance learning plan. After these two days, students will return to campus for their regular schedule.

What happens if a student is quarantined?
If a student is quarantined but feels healthy enough to participate in school, their respective teachers will provide resources and work for the student while they are at home to allow the student to continue the curriculum in some capacity.

What is the 4x4 block schedule?
Under the 4x4 block model, a traditional year-long class will be completed in one semester and a traditional semester-long class will be completed in one quarter.

What are the benefits of the 4x4 block schedule?
Students have fewer classes to focus on at one time. This will be important if we have to switch back and forth between in-person and distance learning. Teachers have fewer students and fewer classes to focus on per semester, which allows for more individualized instruction and helps create an intimate community of learners. Class sizes will be reduced and will allow better implementation of social distancing. A reduced number of class changes each day will help with lessen hallway daily traffic through hallways.

Will microwaves be available for student use?
No, microwaves will not be available for student use.

Will students continue eating lunch in the cafeteria?
No, students will not each lunch in the cafeteria. Students will eat in classrooms on a staggered schedule. Students who ordered lunch will have their lunch delivered to their respective classroom.

Will students be able to pay for their lunch with cash?
No, we are operating on a cashless system this year to cut down on physical contact between individuals. Learn how to fund your account to pay online here.

Are classrooms set up differently?
Yes, classrooms are now set up to maximize social distancing. Desks are stationed to spread students out to a level that Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County has approved. Teachers now have a barrier set up between their desk and students to help protect from germs. Each room now has a maximum occupancy sign above the door.

Have you implemented changes throughout the building to promote safety?
Yes, several changes have been made throughout the building to maximize safety and mandate social distancing. Most notable of which are: hand sanitizing stations placed throughout each hallway, signage on the floor and staircases to mark directional flow, temperature sensors placed at student entryways and socially distanced classrooms.

Will students be able to use lockers?
No, lockers are not permitted for use by students at this time.

Will tuition be lowered if we are to switch to distance learning?
Tuition will not be changed based on how a student is educated. Students may be required to switch between alternative distance learning to in-person to everyone in full distance learning throughout the year, and this will be difficult to track. We believe students still receive an excellent CJ education no matter what format they are in. 

Will my student still be permitted to participate in athletics?
As long as a student is not enrolled in an alternative distance learning plan, they will be permitted to participate in athletics. As of now, our athletic programs are moving forward with practices, scrimmages and games as permitted by the state, with social distancing protocols in place.

What happens if someone on campus tests positive for COVID-19?
If an individual tests positive for COVID-19 while school is in session, several steps will follow. First, school will close for two days minimum to allow for proper cleaning and sanitization. During this time, students and teachers will enact the distance learning plan. Those who tested positive will follow Montgomery County Public Health's advisory and may return to school ten days after 1) the first symptoms appeared, 2) have one day (24 hours) with no fever without the use of a fever reducing medication), and 3) other symptoms have improved.

Will students still be able to participate in retreats and other ministry and service activities?
Retreats such as the Freshman Retreat, Sophomore Retreat, Junior Retreat and Kairos will hopefully operate in some capacity, with changes taking place to adhere to social distancing guidelines and procedures. Service activities will still take place, but will more likely than not be contained to CJ’s campus.

What is an Excused Remote Learning day?
An Excused Remote Learning day is available to a family when a student needs to stay home from school but documentation is not required to make it an excused absence. This will allow the student to receive attendance credit for the day. Students may not participate in extracurricular activities when an Excused Remote Learning day is used.

How do I request an Excused Remote Learning day?
The process for requesting an Excused Remote Learning Day is as follows:

The parent will make contact with the school and request to use an Excused Remote Learning day (937-461-3740 x-465) on that same day.
The parent and student will receive an email reminder from the student’s counselor detailing what all is required for the day to count as an Excused Remote Learning Day.
The student will email his or her teachers to receive work for the day.
The student must complete tasks given from ALL classroom teachers in order for Excused Remote Learning day to be awarded.
The student must complete the work assigned from each teacher by 5:00pm that day. 
The student will receive confirmation the next day whether or not the Excused Remote Learning day was awarded or denied.
The day will be awarded only if the student completed all of the tasks given by ALL the students' teachers the day of the request.

When should an Excused Remote Learning day be used?
An Excused Remote Learning Day should be used if The student is showing symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, etc.) during the at home health assessment or if the student needs to quarantine at home due to possible contraction of Covid-19. The student must be able to complete work at home in order for the remote learning day to be excused. If the student cannot perform work then the parent should seek a doctor’s note to have the absence excused.

How do I apply for additional Excused Remote Learning days?
Some families may require additional Excused Remote Learning Days. In order to apply for additional days, the parent must make contact in writing with Marcus Colvin, Director of Student Services. Parents should be prepared to respond to the following questions:
How were the initial 14 days used?
Why are additional days being requested?
How many additional days are being requested?

A review of the student’s attendance will take place as the Director of Student Services works with the school nurse and the student’s guidance counselor to make a decision regarding the approval or denial of additional Excused Remote Learning days.