An excerpt from the Annual Report 2021, written by Dan Meixner '84, president:

"As we memorialize the last year in this 2021 Annual Report, we recognize that we flourished during an unbelievably challenging year in the midst of a global pandemic largely because of this strong foundation - a foundation of love, support, encouragement, grace, and perseverance.

Our teachers brought their best for our students each day, whether in person or remotely. Our staff members came to campus early and stayed late, attended virtual meetings on Saturdays, and reached out to colleagues, all in an effort to stay connected, serve our students, and support our teachers.

Parents provided us with the grace of understanding that all our decisions, whether they agreed or not, were made to preserve in-school instruction and provide the safest environment we could for all our students.

Students kept at it each day, forging ahead in their pursuit of knowledge and truth, even if some needed to be nudged at times.

Benefactors provided significant support for current operations and campus expansion, wanting us to both meet the needs of today while also being bold and courageous to embrace the future.

Our foundation - built by people of great faith, forged by people of vision and generosity, and expanded by people of conviction and dedication - provided us with the strength to meet the challenges of this unbelievable year with great confidence and the hope that someday, somehow, some way things would get better."