Honoring CJ's Military Veterans

God Bless America and Those Who Protect Our Nation & Freedoms
Chaminade Julienne honors members of the CJ community — alumni, parents, coaches, faculty, staff and friends — living and deceased — listed below, or not — who are serving or have served in our military.

God bless them with prayers of peace and gratitude. We also offer prayers of comfort and sympathy to those individuals and their families who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms which we now enjoy.

This listing was compiled as a result of an appeal made through the school’s alumni Facebook page. We also invite those not listed here to include themselves or loved ones to our military honor role. Please contact Maria Hofstetter with your information at: (937) 461-3740 x248, or mhofstetter@cjeagles.org

List of CJ Community Members Who Have Served or Currently Serve
Sgt. (ret) Thomas Acton ‘58, U.S. Air Force David Allen Agee ‘64, U.S. Air Force Dave Ahlers ‘62, U.S. Marines
Lt. Robert Edwin Alexander ‘58, U.S. Army William R. Allen ‘64, U.S. Navy Maj.Gen. John Altenburg ‘62, U.S. Army
John Andrews ‘63, U.S. Navy Albert ‘Al’ Andzik ‘63, U.S. Army, Vietnam; National Guard William Armstrong ‘63, U.S. Army Reserve
Tina Baily ‘86, U.S. Army Jeffrey G. Ballmann ‘64, U.S. Army Mike Ballweg ‘86
Robert C. Barkmeyer ‘64, U.S. Army TSgt Alexander Baron ‘07, U.S. Air Force Anthony Barwick ‘86, Army National Guard
Greg Bayer ‘70, U.S. Navy LCDR Michael Beall ‘04, U.S. Navy LT Brian Beall ‘12, U.S. Navy
Albert E. Becker ‘64, U.S. Navy Richard R. Becker ‘64, U.S. Army Gerald P. Belle ‘64, U.S. Army
Mike Bernard ‘75, U.S. Navy Drew Bernier ‘86 Leslie Charles Berthy ‘64, U.S. Navy
Edward J. Bisch ‘64, U.S. Navy David Blake ‘70, U.S. Navy Michael L. Boehmer ‘64, U.S. Navy
MSgt Douglas S. Boffman ‘86, U.S. Air Force Tim Boudette ‘70, U.S. Marines Greg Bouquot ‘86
Sherry Bradley ‘80, U.S. Army, U.S. Military Academy - West Point Barry L. Branch ‘64, U.S. Navy Daniel Brockman ‘64, U.S. Air Force
Danielle Brockman, U.S. Air Force Eugene R. Brown ‘64, U.S. Navy Michael J. Brown ‘64, U.S. Army
Scott Bruns ‘70, U.S. Army Terry Bruns ‘66, U.S. Marines Fred L. Budde ‘35, U.S. Navy, WWII
Robert E. Burkhardt ‘64, U.S. Marines Alissa Buynak, U.S. Air Force Academy Steven Cane ‘70, U.S. Navy
Michael D. Caporal ‘64, U.S. Air Force Shannon Etter Capp ‘99, U.S. Navy Brandon Carrington, CJ Wrestling Coach, Current parent, U.S. Army Airborne
Henry Cerha ‘61, U.S. Air Force Edwin Cervantes ‘16, Cyber Security Officer at the KY Army National Guard Jack Charters ‘62, U.S. Navy
Paul Chmiel ‘63, U.S. Navy, Vietnam Joseph R. Claude ‘64, U.S. Army Robert E. Cochran ‘64, U.S. Army
Stephen W. Cole ‘64, U.S. Navy Jim Connell ‘62, U.S. Army Robert M. Coons ‘64, U.S. Army
Patrick Cooper ‘86, Army National Guard Nicole Cortner ‘86 Orion Coyle ‘18, Army National Guard
Robert E. Coyle ‘64, U.S. Navy Carl Crawford ‘62, U.S. Air Force Albert George Dabbs ‘64, U.S. Navy
John Dailey ‘86, National Guard Stephen John Danaher ‘64, U.S. Marines Thomas C. Davis ‘64, U.S. Navy
James John Dell ‘64, U.S. Air Force Robert W. Dessecker ‘64, U.S. Army Anthony J. DiMatteo ‘64, U.S. Army
Richard A. Dineen ‘64, U.S. Army John DiPucci ‘63, U.S. Navy Gary W. Doll ‘64, U.S. Army
Michael M. Duffy ‘64, U.S. Navy William B. Duffy ‘64, U.S. Air Force Edward D. Dunn ‘65, U.S. Army
Michael J. Early ‘64, U.S. Army Samuel M. Elliot ‘64, U.S. Navy Joseph Estevez ‘64, U.S. Navy
Eric Etter ‘01, U.S. Army; U.S. Army Reserves Bill Fallis ‘62, U.S. Air Force Mike Feldman ‘62, U.S. Air Force
Allan Sydney Fenelon ‘64, U.S. Air Force Theodore J.  Fink ‘64, U.S. Army;, U.S. Air Force Matt Flanagan ‘03, U.S. Marines
Matthew Flory ‘90, U.S. Coast Guard Jim Flynn ‘62, U.S. Army Michael H. Frantz ‘64, U.S. Marines
Thomas J. Franz ‘64, U.S. Air Force George E. Freiberger ‘64, U.S. Army Garrett T. Gall ‘64, U.S. Army
Padraig Gallagher ‘20, U.S. Navy David F. Galvin ‘64, U.S. Army Col. Bill Gideon, Current parent, U.S. Air Force
Sean Gideon ‘20, U.S. Air Force, ROTC Joseph F. Githens ‘64, U.S. Army James Michael Gitzinger ‘64, U.S. Navy
Maria Gitzinger ‘86 Michael A. Glotfelter ‘64, U.S. Army Dennis Irvin Goecke ‘64, U.S. Air Force
Paul J. Goldschmidt ‘64, U.S. Air Force Brian Gomes ‘70, U.S. Air Force David J. Goode ‘64, U.S. Army
Paul V. Goode ‘64, U.S. Air Force Denny Gorman ‘98, U.S. Marine Reserves Gary W. Gottschlich ‘64, U.S. Army
David J. Graney ‘64, U.S. Army Steve Grant ‘70 Ohio Army National Guard Bob Gravelle ‘62, U.S. Air Force
Joe Graves ‘62, U.S. Army Robert ‘Bob’ Graves ‘63, U.S. Army Carole Simmons Grilliot ‘63, U.S. Air Force
Chris Gunther ‘70, U.S. Marines Terrence L. Hackett ‘64, U.S. Navy Paul Haines ‘52, U.S. Naval Academy Instructor
George Michael Hale ‘64, U.S. Air Force Jim Hall ‘58, U.S. Army Jerome Halpin ‘62, U.S. Air Force
Richard A. Hamer ‘64, U.S. Navy Richard Harding ‘72, U.S. Air Force Capt.(ret) Donald Hart ‘58, U.S. Air Force
Carl Heid ‘62, U.S. National Guard Greg Heinz ‘94, U.S. Navy John Heinz ‘65, U.S. Army
Steve Hempelman ‘62, U.S. Air Force Steve Henley ‘62, U.S. Marines LTJG Conor Hickey ‘14, U.S. Navy
Michael R. Higgins ‘64, U.S. Army Don Hochwalt ‘40, US Army, WWII Steve Hochwalt ‘65, U.S. Army
Richard ‘Rick’ Hoke ‘63, U.S. Army, Vietnam Donald ‘Don’ Honious ‘63, U.S. Marines Lawrence Dean Horner ‘64, U.S. Air Force
Daniel Hughes ‘63, U.S. Army Reserve Michael M. Hughes ‘64, U.S. Army David Thomas Israel ‘64, U.S. Army
Jeff Jacobson ‘89, U.S. Air Force James Jacobson, Sr. ‘94, U.S. Army Jim Jobe ‘70, U.S. Marines
Dylan Johns ‘20, U.S. Navy Hunter Johns ‘19, U.S. Naval Academy Jacob Johns ‘17, U.S. Marines
Logan Johns ‘14, U.S. Air Force Thomas L. Johnson ‘68, U.S. Army, Vietnam James D Johnson II ‘85, U.S. Air Force
Brendan Kadel ‘19 “U.S. Army, ROTC” John William Kaiser ‘64, U.S. Marines Capt. Julie Beall Kassner ‘08, U.S. Air Force
Capt. Alexander Kauth ‘09, U.S. Air Force Academy Capt. Zachary Kauth ‘08, U.S. Air Force Academy Lt.Col. David Kauth ‘84, U.S. Air Force Academy
Matt Keefe ‘01, U.S. Navy Michael C. Kelly ‘64, U.S. Marines Thomas W. Kerby ‘64, U.S. Army
Tim Kinney ‘62, U.S. Air Force PFC Thomas E. Klepper ‘57, U.S. Marines Col. Robert E. Koepnick ‘49, U.S. Air Force
Joseph Koepnick Jr. ‘46, U.S. Army William L. Koerner ‘64, U.S. Air Force SSgt Steven Kolvek ‘72, U.S. Air Force
Timothy Kracus ‘71 Ohio Army National Guard John J. Kramer ‘64, U.S. Army Joseph Stephen Kramer ‘64, U.S. Air Force
Fred Kroger ‘41, U.S. Army, POW Martin C. Kuntz ‘64, U.S. Army Nicholas Kuzujanakis ‘64, U.S. Army
LTC Robert Lally ‘52, U.S. Air Force Reserves George E. Lehmann ‘64, U.S. Army Cpl. Greg Lewis Staff, U.S. Marine Corps
Josh Lewis ‘00, U.S. Coast Guard Tiffany Kracus Lewis ‘00, U.S. Coast Guard George Loney ‘64, U.S. Army
Joseph J. Luthman ‘64, U.S. Navy Peter John Lutz ‘64, U.S. Army Jim Lynch ‘52, U.S. Air Force
Thomas M. Mahle ‘64, U.S. Navy Joseph E. Mahlmeister ‘64, U.S. Army Michael B. Manning ‘64, U.S. Air Force
TSgt Andrae Manuel ‘09, U.S. Air Force LT Richard Marshall ‘41, U.S. Navy, WWII Pacific; U.S. Navy Reserves, Korea Charles L. Martinson ‘64, U.S. Navy
Michael McCall ‘63, National Guard Lee McCready ‘62, U.S. Marines Julie Ann McDaniel-Gallagher ‘95, U.S. Army
Michael J. McDonnell ‘64, U.S. Army Ed McGuire ‘62, U.S. Marines John McKeon ‘63, U.S. Army, Vietnam
Thomas McLaughlin ‘63, U.S. Air Force Michael P. McManus ‘64, U.S. Marines Maj. Gen. Edward J. Mechenbier ‘60, U.S. Air Force
Jim Meixner ‘58, U.S. Marines Edward Metzger ‘56, U.S. Army
Robert Metzger ‘61, U.S. Air Force David F. Meyer ‘64, U.S. Navy William U. Michel ‘64, U.S. Army
John ‘Jocko’ Mikula ‘63, U.S. Army, U.S. Military Academy-West Point; Vietnam Michael ‘Mike’ Miller ‘63, U.S. Army, Vietnam Ronald M. Miller ‘64, U.S. Army
Andrew Miltenberger ‘03, U.S. Air Force Daniel ‘Dan’ Minogue ‘63, U.S. Air Force Brian Moody ‘86
Richard P. Jr. Moon ‘64, U.S. Army Howard J. Moore ‘64, U.S. Air Force Jack Moore ‘68, U.S. Navy
Mike Moore ‘57, U.S. Army Richard C. Moore ‘64, U.S. Army Theodore T. Motsch ‘64, U.S. Air Force
Bruce Peter Munley ‘64, U.S. Army Stanley N. Munro ‘64, U.S. Air Force John Munson ‘86 Army National Guard
Patrick R. Nugent ‘64, U.S. Army James M. O’Brien ‘64, U.S. Army Thomas Newton O’Connor ‘64, U.S. Navy
Fernando Oconitrillo ‘64, U.S. Army Gerald R. Olwine ‘64, U.S. Navy 1LT Justin Overman ‘10, U.S. Army
Thomas ‘Tom’ Payne ‘63, U.S. Army Benjamin F. Peasant ‘64, U.S. Army Robert ‘Bob’ Peitz ‘63, U.S. Army, Vietnam
James Peterman ‘64, U.S. Air Force Tom Petkewitz ‘62, U.S. Army James R. Petrie ‘64, U.S. Navy
Daniel H. Pfeiffer ‘64, U.S. Army Richard T. Pflaum ‘64, U.S. Army 1 LT Lyle Plummer ‘14, U.S. Air Force Academy
Chris Plummer ‘86 James J. Quashnock ‘64, U.S. Air Force Phil Rathweg ‘64, U.S. Air Force
Philip A. Rathweg ‘64, U.S. Army Michael ‘Mike’ Redden ‘63, U.S. Army, Vietnam Dennis Reinhard ‘62, U.S. Air Force
C.J. Riazzi ‘14, U.S. Air Force Charlie Rogers ‘86, U.S. Navy Richard Robert Rogers ‘64, U.S. Army
John Paul Rose ‘64, U.S. Army Richard Luverne Ruetschilling ‘64, U.S. Army Thomas L. Sableski ‘64, U.S. Air Force
1LT Jamel Sanders ‘13, U.S. Air Force LCpl. Joseph Sattler ‘17, U.S. Marine Corps Paul Timothy Saunders ‘86, U.S. Marine Corps; Desert Shield & Desert Storm
Chris Schindler ‘86 Bob Schons ‘86 William V. Schraml ‘64, U.S. Army
Thomas ‘Tom’ Schramm ‘63, U.S. Army, Vietnam Norman H. Schrein ‘64, U.S. Army John Schultz ‘72, U.S. Navy
Ralph Schultz Jr. ‘63, U.S. Army Ralph Schultz Sr. ‘40, U.S. Army Marty Schultze ‘62, U.S. Army
Nick Sharkey ‘62, U.S. Army Kyle Shaw ‘11, U.S. Air Force David O. Shufeldt ‘64, U.S. Army
Carole Grilliot Simmons ‘63, U.S. Air Force Edward J. Sipniewski ‘64, U.S. Air Force Joseph S. Soter ‘64, U.S. Army
Jim Sparrow Faculty, Army National Guard;, U.S. Army, First Gulf War George A. Staas ‘64, U.S. Marines Marianne Stanley ‘64, U.S. Air Force
Tim Steineman ‘70, Ohio Air National Guard David A. Stelzer ‘64, U.S. Navy Ralph J.  Storck ‘64, U.S. Navy
Chris Stouder ‘93, Army National Guard William ‘Bill’ Struck ‘63, U.S. Navy William Kerry Taylor ‘64, U.S. Army
Col.(ret) Jerome Thies ‘58, U.S. Air Force Fred C. Thomas ‘64, U.S. Marines Frank Titus ‘68, U.S. Navy
Lt.Col. Timothy Titus ‘70, Air National Guard Alex Treadway ‘05, U.S. Air Force Capt Ben Trick ‘10, U.S. Air Force
Julio Trimboli ‘64, U.S. Army DeLante Turney ‘05, U.S. Air Force Charles L. Vehorn ‘64, U.S. Air Force
John A. Ventura ‘64, U.S. Navy James R. Wack ‘64, U.S. Air Force Jeffrey P. Walters ‘64, U.S. Navy
James P. Waltz ‘64, U.S. Army Charles David Watson ‘64, U.S. Air Force John E. Weaver ‘64, U.S. Army
Lawrence R. Weiler ‘64, U.S. Army Ted B. Wendeln ‘64, U.S. Army Elaine Wendling ‘86
Steven R. Wendling ‘64, U.S. Army 2LT Faith White ‘15, U.S. Army Edward ‘Ed’ Wildenhaus ‘63, U.S. Army Reserve
Paul Edwin Wilson ‘64, U.S. Navy John Wise ‘62, U.S. Air Force John Vernon Wonderly ‘64, U.S. Marines
Sarah Wourms ‘86 Nils Robert Bull Young ‘64, U.S. Navy Lawrence E. Zelinskas ‘64, U.S. Air Force
Paul Ziehler ‘62, U.S. Army Joe Nagy '62, U.S. Army Joe Sommers '62, U.S. Army
Dan Foley '62, U.S. Army Tom Gudorf '62, U.S. Army Ken Gerritzen '62, U.S. Army
Mike Smith '62, U.S. Air Force Al Evans '62, U.S. Air Force Mike Bellert '62, U.S. Air Force
Paul Daily '62, U.S. Air Force Tom Durning '62, U.S. Air Force Bob Reuth '62, U.S. Marine Corps
Russ West '62, U.S. Marine Corps Benny Ruef '62, U.S. Marine Corps Keith Weber '62, U.S. Navy
Dave Bart '62, National Guard Russ Finch '62, National Guard SSG Amy (Adam) Baker '88, U.S. Army
Ron Sano '62, National Guard Tad Devlin '62, U.S. Army Tom Otto '62, U.S. Army
Don Leingang '62, U.S. Army Bill Gaeke '62, National Guard Lawrence Goldschmidt '56, U.S. Navy
William Ivory '68, U.S. Army Edward Ruetschle '60, U.S. Air Force Joseph Rose Jr. '60, U.S. Army
Lawrence J. Reichert '71, U.S. Air Force Joe Jeckering '58, U.S. Army Ron Filburn '56, U.S. Navy
Larry Edmondson '56, U.S. Navy Eugene Florio '56, U.S. Navy Bill Hinders '56, National Guard
Bill Gerhard '59, U.S. Air Force Robert Deger '61, U.S. Army Tim Connair '48, U.S. Air Force
Frank Armstrong '62, U.S. Army Thomas Berger '57, U.S. Army Denis Berger '70, National Guard
Bob Bosl '60, U.S. Army Pat Brannon '68, U.S. Army Doug Branson '61, U.S. Navy
Donald Broering '65, U.S. Navy Lee Buddendeck '57, U.S. Navy John Butler '51, U.S. Army
Richard Carson '68, U.S. Army Richard Chappie '65, U.S. Army Louis Clark '63, U.S. Air Force
Thomas Cooper '66, U.S. Army Jim Corbett '70, U.S. Air Force Larry Crabill '66, U.S. Army
Grant Deger '57, U.S. Air Force Tony D'Elia '63, U.S. Army Pamela Dillon D'Elia '73, U.S. Army
Charles Devlin '62, U.S. Army Elizabeth Fekete Donovan '59, U.S. Navy Charles Dorian '42, U.S. Army
Robert Doudican '65, U.S. Army Timothy Doyle '56, U.S. Army Bill Duffy '37 U.S. Marine Corps
Jim Eifert '61, U.S. Navy Michael Frederick '68, U.S. Marine Corps Charles Friend '58, U.S. Air Force
Garrett Gallagher '64, U.S. Army David Garman  '69, U.S. Army Jim Ghory '68, U.S. Navy
Ralph Gitzinger '60, U.S. Army R. Andrew Gitzinger '91, U.S. Army James Goldschmidt '60, U.S. Army
Bill Gottschall '60, U.S. Army Adrian Gravelle '60, U.S. Army Paul Gravelle '61, U.S. Navy
Bob Gravelle '62, U.S. Air Force Ted Hemmelgarn '68, U.S. Army Dan Hill '63, Mound Lab
Joe Hochdoerfer '36, U.S. Army Al Horstman '51, U.S. Marine Corps Don Howard '63, U.S. Army
Michael Howard '74, U.S. Army Jim Issenmann '68, U.S. Air Force Paul Anthony Jacobson '60, U.S. Army
Harry Jenkins '60, U.S. Army Stephen Karl '68, U.S. Army Thomas Kauflin '55, U.S. Army
Ray Kavanuagh '64, U.S. Air Force Tom Kavanuagh '65, U.S. Army Robert Kinzig '60, U.S. Air Force
Charles Kleiner '68, U.S. Marine Corps    
Tony Klepacz '59, U.S. Army James Kloeb '60, U.S. Army Donald Koepnick '63, U.S. Army
Lawrence Krapp '60, U.S. Air Force Tim Kreusch '60, U.S. Army Jeanie Lameroux '58, U.S. Air Force
Richard Laux '59, U.S. Navy Thomas Leen '60, U.S. Army John Lucid '63, U.S. Army
Malcolm Macleod '61, U.S. Army Neil Mangan '54, U.S. Navy Tom Mannix '60, U.S. Army
Charles Marshall '60, U.S. Army Paul Martin '56, U.S. Army Robert McCarthy '53, U.S. Army
Jack McCarthy '57, U.S. Army Donald McCarthy '58, U.S. Army Maris McCrabb '69, U.S. Air Force
George Menker '55, U.S. Army Jim Moon '54, U.S. Air Force Ken Munchel '60, U.S. Army
Jeremiah O'Donnell '54, U.S. Navy Bill Patterson '54, U.S. Air Force Lt. John Prudhomme '56, U.S. Navy
Shelton Prudhomme '56, U.S. Army Steve Raiff '79, U.S. Navy Ronald Randall '60, National Guard
Maria Gitzinger Reymann '86, U.S. Air Force Richard Rismiller '60, U.S. Navy Joe Rose '60, U.S. Army
Harold Roselle '46, U.S. Army Jerome Roselle '49, U.S. Marine Corps Joe Roselle '60
Paul Ruschau '60, U.S. Air Force Richard Russell '53, U.S. Air Force Bob Schlater '68, U.S. Army
Joe Schrantz '65, U.S. Air Force Mike Schuer '55, U.S. Army Theodore Schweitzer '51, U.S. Navy
Timothy Sharkey '66, U.S. Air Force Terry Sharkey '71, U.S. Army Albert Siewe '37, U.S. Navy
Raymond Smith '63, U.S. Air Force Thomas Smith '63, U.S. Navy James Sparks '63, U.S. Air Force
Tom Spatz '70, U.S. Marine Corps Jerome Staeuble '55, U.S. Army Raymond Steck '60, U.S. Air Force
Tom Steiner '63, U.S. Navy Gary Stickle '65, U.S. Army Tim Stueve '61, U.S. Army
Ron Szabo '65, U.S. Army Mike Thill '60, U.S. Marine Corps George Thoma '40, U.S. Air Force
William Thomas '55, U.S. Army Andrew Thomas '91, U.S. Navy Daniel Tobe '65, U.S. Army
Bill Treon '54, U.S. Marine Corps Dennis Treon '65, U.S. Marine Corps Patrick Treon '58, U.S. Army
Richard Treon '57, U.S. Army James Travis '58, U.S. Marines Corps Bill Wabler '60, U.S. Army
Roger Ward '67, U.S. Army Gerald Wenner Jr. '63, U.S. Air Force James Wildenhaus '60, U.S. Army
Elmer Will '33, U.S. Army Leo Will '63, U.S. Army Pat Will '67, U.S. Army
Pete Will '62, U.S. Army Tim Will '66, U.S. Army Tom Will '63, U.S. Army
LtCol. Jean Williamson '69, Ret., USAF Mike Wolf '61, U.S. Marine Corps