Jama Badinghaus

CJ Service: Student Support Coordinator
Other Service: LIFE Moderator
937-461-3740 x204  |  email

Education: University of Dayton, BS Psychology; University of Dayton, MEd. School Counselor

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: Board of Trustees at Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning

CJ Philosophy: Chaminade Julienne is a place where faith is welcomed, prayer is encouraged, and seeking ways of responding to God’s call in all of our lives is a valued part of everything we do.  It is not because God is any more present in this place than some other school, but here we can celebrate that presence and call upon it to guide the work and study we do each day.  As a counselor, I am grateful to have the opportunity to walk with students as they journey through high school.  As they experience, at times great challenges, deep heartaches, as well as great joys and hopeful futures – I am comforted by knowing that my small role in supporting them is guided by the Marianist and Sisters of Notre Dame Charisms that permeate the walls of CJ and make all of us better.  

When I was exploring job opportunities while finishing my graduate studies at the University of Dayton I recall saying to several people that my ideal place of employment would be somewhere like Chaminade Julienne because it was a place that incorporated so many of the things that I value - a connection to the Marianist family, an urban presence, a diverse community, and a rich history rooted in holistic education.  These are the core values that continue to drive my efforts as a counselor at Chaminade Julienne.  My personal commitment as a Marianist Lay person, my family commitment to live in an urban neighborhood, my personal belief in the call to be in community with others, my own desire to grow in understanding of social justice, and my belief that education of the heart is just as essential as education of the mind are among the assets I believe I bring to this school and our students.  I also bring with me the belief that this place and all who walk these halls have much to teach me.  I hope I never lose the desire to grow, and I pray that same desire radiates through all with whom I work and serve.