Jim Sparrow

CJ Service: Social Studies Teacher
Other Service: RNG, Quiz Bowl Moderator
937-461-3740 x461  |  email

Education: Hiram College, BA History; Case Western Reserve University, MA History; University of Dayton, MA Theological Studies

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches:      Exam Reader, Advanced Placement Program of the College Board

CJ Philosophy: St. Thomas Aquinas believed all created things are good precisely because God made them.  Corruption and discord enter the world only when men and women use their free will to take God’s creations to degrees which God does not permit. Hence, a student who is one day to be a moral thinker and a just person must learn about both God's creations and God’s intentions, insofar as it is given to us to understand these intentions. This I take to be the mission of Catholic education in general and Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School in particular, and in my work I feel called to function as a small cog in this mighty machine.