Kelly Muhl

CJ Service: Administrative Assistant to the Principal (previously Administrative Assistant to Guidance and the Director of Curriculum)
Other Service: Choreographer for CJ Spring Musicals, Choreographer for CJ Pep Band, Crescendo Moderator
937-461-3740 x200  |  email

CJ Philosophy: The daily start of prayer, all school Masses, daily religion classes as well as teaching the students of community and outreach, are a huge part of CJ and the Catholic educational experience here. We use every opportunity to show the students that Faith can be a part of their daily lives in small or huge doses, and that they can feel open to share with others. 

I am a people person. I truly believe that each person that enters our doors, whether student, parent, faculty or staff has a place and purpose here and should be welcomed.  I have a very diverse background, so I understand the ‘unconventional’ sometimes more so than I believe others can. My background in Performing Arts allows me to go from office to stage and show the students that you can show all sides of your true self and be good at more than one thing. I believe that I can show that work ethic and faith in one’s self can move mountains. I have worked my way up from starting in an elementary school to working in several different offices. It takes a willingness to learn new things and hard work!