Leslie McGeady

CJ Service: Database Coordinator
937-461-3740 x212  |  email

Education: University of Dayton, BS Social Work; The Ohio State University, MS Social Work

CJ Philosophy: While I am new to CJ, I have experienced the accepting, welcoming and supportive environment that provides the firm foundation upon which all else grows.  Faculty and staff are devoted to their students with the goal of helping each to achieve their individual academic success and personal potential.  At the core is a strong emphasis on faith formation that encourages students to live their faith through service to others.  Values of respect and compassion are reinforced.  Values that help students throughout their high school years and beyond as they make their own way in the world.

Through the CJ experience, a community is born.  A family apart from one’s family of origin develops.  Friendships that stand the test of time long after the schoolbooks are closed, lifelong friendships.  Alumni who fondly recall their years here as result of the teachers and staff who truly cared and by whose example they were better prepared for the world.  Equally as impressive is their desire to return and to give back by sharing their talents and treasures.