Lisa Colbert

CJ Service: Religion Teacher
Other Service: Ministry and Service Adult Support Team
937-461-3740 x413  |  email

Education: Barry University, BA Religious Studies

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: Retiring Chairperson, Board of Trustees at Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning; Troop Committee Member, Boy Scout Troop 55, Englewood, Ohio

CJ Philosophy: I believe that CJ provides a holistic educational experience founded on the principles of faith, community and the pursuit of excellence.  The academic program educates the whole person and integrates faith throughout.  Expectations of students challenge them to work to their potential and to value themselves as individuals created  uniquely in God’s image.  As a community we grow and learn together from and with each other.

I believe I bring to CJ a sense of commitment to mission and educational faith formation of adolescents.  I challenge each student to believe in themselves and their worth as children of a loving and forgiving God.  I bring a desire to instill in my students a strong work ethic and a willingness to accept personal responsibility. I believe it is my role to do all I can to prepare a student for life beyond CJ with regard to vocation and faith formation--to that end, I believe I bring a methodology in teaching that challenges students to reflect on the present and the future and to envision themselves as leaders/role models of faith outside of CJ.