Uniform Guidelines

Students are expected to be neat and take pride in their appearance. Students should always be in complete uniform during the regular school day. Any student not in compliance with uniform guidelines will be issued a demerit, an after school detention and/or be sent home to change depending on the severity of the infraction.

All uniforms must be approved through the Director of Student Services. Any dress code accommodation request due to religious beliefs must be directed to the principal or director, office of student services for consideration.

Monday-Thursday and Eagle Friday Dress Code

Daily Dress Code Monday – Thursday
Uniform Polo Shirt: Students must wear a Uniform Polo, short or long sleeve, in one of three color options - CJ Green (kelly), white, or CJ Blue (royal).

Uniform Outerwear: On Monday through Thursday during the school year, students have the option to wear the following uniform-approved. Outerwear Options on top of their uniform polo — and not in place of a polo. The CJ logo styles shown here are the only uniform-approved outerwear options and may not be customized or altered to include specific sports, clubs, or performing arts.

Daily Dress Code Eagle Fridays
Every Friday during the school year, unless otherwise noted, is Eagle Friday. On Eagle Fridays, students are invited to wear any CJ spirit top as long as it has an official CJ logo or CJ school mark. All other dress code guidelines are still in place, including that students must wear navy or khaki uniform bottoms (shorts, pants or capris). Students are invited to show their Eagle spirit by wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts, quarter-zips, warm ups, polo shirts, and fleece items from athletic teams, performing arts, or clubs. Homemade CJ shirts, sleeveless CJ shirts, or spirit shirts with holes/rips are not acceptable on Eagle Fridays.

Pants/Shorts/Capri Guidelines
Students have the option to wear pants, capris, or shorts in the colors of navy or medium shade khaki. Uniform bottoms may not be excessively tight, and shorts may not be worn shorter than 3-4 inches above the knee. Pants, capris, or shorts may not have cargo pockets, may not exceed four pockets, may not have elastic or drawstring waists, and may not be corduroy or denim material. Uniform bottoms may be purchased from any retail store as long as they meet the school's guidelines.

Dress Code Guidelines
  • Uniforms are to be clean and in good repair.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times during school.
  • Long or short sleeve t-shirts worn underneath the CJ polo must be solid white or grey (no printing, pictures, or hoods).
  • Pants, shorts, and capris are to be worn properly around the waist.
  • Shorts or pants not hemmed appropriately will have to be hemmed at the expense of the student/parents.
  • Shorts are to be worn no shorter than 3-4 inches above the knee (Bermuda style recommended).
  • Tights or leggings may not be worn underneath uniform shorts.
  • Short waists cannot be rolled. Pants are not to be cut or slit at the bottom.
  • All shoes must have a hard sole. No open-toed footwear of any kind. No slippers. No shoes that have the appearance of house slippers. No stiletto-heeled footwear (boots or shoes). No heelys.
  • CJ athletic team or performing arts warm-ups are not permitted Monday-Thursday but may be worn on Eagle Fridays. 
  • Outerwear (coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves, non-uniform CJ sweatshirts) and head coverings (including hoods, head wraps, and bandanas) must be promptly removed and placed in locker upon entering the building.
  • Simple headbands are meant to be worn to keep hair off of one’s face. Athletic sweatbands and overly ornamental headbands are prohibited.
  • Chains used to secure wallets, keys, etc. may not be worn. Fanny packs and belt bags are not permitted.
  • CJ students are to have natural hair color only. Natural highlights are acceptable. Students will be asked to change any hair style or other appearance if decided improper for the community/school atmosphere. (e.g. mohawks, unnatural hair coloring such as pink, blue, purple, bright red, etc., etching/carvings, etc.)
  • Jewelry: no sunglasses, medallions, pendants, or beads. All neck chains must be worn inside of shirts.
  • Tattoos must be covered at all times during the school day.
  • Seniors may be approved to wear the designated senior shirt design in place of their uniform polo on the designated day second semester after the final approval of the administration.
The administration of Chaminade Julienne reserves the right to decide if any hair style, jewelry, piercing, tattoo, accessory, choice of pants/shorts, or other appearance is proper to wear for the atmosphere of the school community

Out of Uniform Days
Students wearing inappropriate clothing or not following the guidelines set forth for the particular out of uniform day may receive a Saturday detention, suspension, sent home, asked to change, or a combination.
  • Students may wear jeans, sweatpants, shorts, skirts, capris or pants in good repair, jeans and pants are to be worn in good condition. No excessive rips or holes may be visible, mesh or nylon athletic pants and athletic shorts are OK as long as they are no shorter than 3-4  inches above the knee, 
  • CJ approved athletic, performing arts, and club tops are permitted. 
  • no short shorts or short skirts (shorts and skirts are to be worn no shorter than 3-4 inches above the knee),
  • no sleeveless shirts, tank tops or halter tops, 
  • no bare midriffs and no low-cut shirts or low cut v-necks, 
  • no leggings, jeggings, or running tights, 
  • no clothing related to alcohol or tobacco or having foul language or sexual messages,
  • all shoes must have a hard sole. No open-toed footwear of any kind. No slippers. No shoes that have the appearance of house slippers. No stiletto-heeled footwear (boots or shoes). No heelys, 
  • jewelry: no sunglasses, medallions, pendants, or beads. All chains must be worn inside of shirts, and 
  • outerwear (coats, jackets, etc.) and head coverings (including hats, hoods, head wraps, and bandanas) must be promptly removed and placed in locker upon entering the building at any time. Cultural head wraps, such as a duku, may be worn on Out of Uniform days as long as they are not deemed a distraction in the classroom.