2019-2020 School Year

Chaminade Julienne offers a comprehensive retreat program lead by peer leaders trained by the Ministry and Service staff. Students have the opportunity to participate in a progressive series of retreats beginning their freshman year. The retreat program at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School is designed to give students at each grade level the opportunity to develop themselves spiritually and interpersonally.

This one-day retreat focuses on the reverence for self, others and God. it is designed to be a bonding experience for the freshman class and inspire students to move beyond simple respect and cultivate reverence for God and all of God's creation. This retreat is required for all freshman students.

SOPHOMORE RETREAT: October 15, 17 and 18
This one-day retreat for sophomores focuses on what it means to be One in Christ. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on their experiences of trust, community, acceptance of others and being created in God’s image and likeness. Through reflection, prayer and activities, students will come to recognize the beauty and importance of diversity in our world and what it means to be one in Christ. This retreat is required for all sophomore students.

JUNIOR RETREAT: October 23-24, January 8-9, February 19-20, March 25-26
An optional overnight experience for juniors, this retreat challenges students to journey deeper into knowing themselves, building relationships with others and discovering Christ in their lives. A low-ropes course and an opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation are integral parts of the retreat.

SENIOR RETREAT - KAIROS: September 10-13, November 5-8, January 21-24, April 21-24
Kairos is an optional four-day experience for seniors. The Kairos experience allows students and faculty to connect on a powerfully deep level and explore their relationship to one another and to God. Students experience faith witnesses, prayer services, small group activities, Mass and Reconciliation. Alumni often tell us that they consider this retreat a spiritually powerful component of their high school experience at CJ.

Junior Kairos Application can be found here.