Sometimes, words seem to be inadequate to express grief, anger, fear, and frustration.

Dan Meixner '84, president
Such as now. Just over a week ago, we witnessed the senseless killing of another African-American man, George Floyd. People of goodwill must grieve for Mr. Floyd’s family, pray for them and those who called him a friend, and join in the anger and frustration of those who look at this tragedy - and others that preceded it - as emblematic of the treatment that people of color too often face. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, one of our school’s founding religious communities, teach us to create communities that “value the dignity and sacredness of each person.”  When we see that human dignity and sacredness of any life is violated, we must join our voices to those who demand a better world, an end to the evil of racism, and the call for the day when our hearts and our systems reflect charity and true justice.
Hate, violence, racism, and fear is antithetical to our Catholic Tradition, the spirit of the Sisters and Marianists who continue to guide us, and the passion of our teachers, coaches, and staff members who minister each day with love, understanding, integrity, and grace.

The Marianists, Chaminade Julienne’s other founding religious community, ask that we “educate for adaptation and change.” Clearly, we need change in our cities, we need change in our institutions, and we need change in the ways we engage with one another.  Standing together, peacefully, is a way to start. But, it’s only a start. As a school that values diversity as an element of excellence, that celebrates that our students and alumni come from all parts of the city, all socio-economic backgrounds, all races, and all academic abilities, we can strengthen our connections to each other, improve our conversations with each other, and continue to serve as the light of Christ for others.

Today, and in the days to come, we must pray in solidarity with all members of the CJ community, our friends throughout Dayton, our Church family, and our fellow citizens for peace in our city and in our world. At the core of the CJ mission is the message of Jesus Christ to love one another as He loves us. We pledge to continue to witness the Gospel by furthering our many efforts to build a school community that respects the inherent dignity of every person as made in God’s image, and we will continue to welcome and rejoice in the diversity that makes Chaminade Julienne a special place.