Patrick Wright Named Director of Facilities

Chaminade Julienne welcomes Patrick Wright as the new director of facilities for the school. Wright brings a great variety of experience and talent, most notably through his work for Dayton Children’s Hospital since 2003. 

Through the selection process, Wright’s experience stood out as a key indication of being a good fit for the CJ community. 

“He understands all of the major mechanical systems and how to maintain and repair them so that we can continue to be good stewards of all of our assets. He is a collaborative leader who appreciates working as part of a team,” said Dan Meixner ‘84, president.

“It will be easy for him to work closely with school leadership, staff members, teachers, and coaches to schedule and support all the activities that make the CJ educational experience special."

Wright is excited to work in a community that centers around forming young adults in the realm of education and faith.

“I am excited for all of the new opportunities and challenges that will be and already are coming my way,” said Wright. “I am also excited about being able to watch students grow and become successful members of the community.”