Live Theatre This Summer • The Addams Family

Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Pugsley will soon take the stage in the Muse Machine’s production of “The Addams Family” with the help of several Eagles.

Behind the scenes or in the spotlight, Celeste Acuña ‘25, Jasmine Acuña ‘22, Maria Ely ‘22, Ka’Vaughn Epps ‘24, Reese Hawkins ‘24, Niko Vukasinovich ‘22 and Maggie Weckesser ‘24 are all playing an important role in production that runs from June 17-19 at the Victoria Theatre. More than 70 Miami Valley young people are part of the show that was rescheduled from a winter opening because of the pandemic.

For show and ticket information visit Muse Machine website

“It is so rewarding to see it finally getting close to opening because this has been a long time coming,” senior Maria Ely said. “Before we took a break, the show was really good, and now I can't wait to see how much better it will be because of the dedication and energy of being back.”
Ely is a production assistant for the show.
“I got involved in this aspect because I do not like to be in the spotlight and I tried backstage for the first time in eighth grade year and got hooked,” she said. “I enjoy being behind the scenes and making the magic happen.”
While this is Ely’s first Muse Machine show, she has worked on CJ productions of “Cinderella,” “Little Women,” and “Freaky Friday.”
And while the CJ senior shies away from the spotlight, sophomore Maggie Weckesser enjoys being center stage. She will have that opportunity as she takes on the role of Wednesday.
“Wednesday is such a blast to portray onstage,” she said. “In the musical, Wednesday has grown up and fallen in love with a normal boy, which is something she never expected to occur. She's kind of learning to navigate this new world of emotions, while still staying true to herself, which is very fun to explore. I think we can all definitely relate to this feeling of being forced to adapt to change after the chaos of these past few years, and I try to bring that to Wednesday as much as possible. Wednesday is, by far, one of my favorite roles I've been given the opportunity to play.” 
Weckesser began her Muse Machine career when she was in the first grade, and this marks her 10th Muse musical.
“Muse is like a second home to me, and I am so blessed to have found it so early in my life,” she said.
And she is happy to share her home-away-from-home with other Eagles.
“It was super helpful knowing a handful of people coming into CJ from past Muse shows, especially those I wouldn't have known otherwise,” Weckesser said. “Muse Machine and CJ performing arts share a lot of values, like a positive environment and the want to engage more students in the arts, and I would say have both done an amazing job doing so.”