CJ Alumni Heal Body & Soul

With faith and family as their focus, Chaminade Julienne alumni Lisa Treadway Marino ‘09 and Erin Treadway Hazelbaker ‘00 strive to positively impact the health of their patients at Victress Health and Wellness every day.

“It is truly our passion to bring the best of healthcare to our Dayton-area community,” said Marino. “Everything we do is innovative and purposeful, specifically because the healthcare system is so broken. But the fun part is, we’ve incorporated such simple solutions for patients like adding prayer, decreasing social media, and re-establishing the patient-provider relationship.”

Victress Health and Wellness

Marino started the business in December 2017 with a physical therapy practice out of her home in Anna, Ohio. 

“I specifically wanted to reach patients on a spiritual, mental, and physical level,” she said. “We grew into our first office in Anna and my first employee by 2019. Erin joined me in the Fall of 2020 as we rolled out our functional medicine program.”

Last winter, Victress Health and Wellness added direct primary care practice and the team is now six strong including a nurse practitioner.

“We’re able to be much more holistic now,” said Hazelbaker. “It’s so validating to watch people get better and feel better.”

Treating the body
“I knew that something was not right with the healthcare system from the beginning,” Hazelbaker said. “I saw patients who were on 20 different medications and not getting better.”

After more than a decade working as a physical therapist, Hazelbaker shifted gears in 2020.

“I took a leap of faith and began my training in functional medicine,” she said.
The functional medicine model of care is a patient-centered approach to chronic disease management that looks for the root cause of the issues. Once causes and triggers are identified, a custom healthy living plan can be created.

“We look at nutrition, stress, genetics, the microbiome, and lifestyle,” Marino said. 

The practice partners with local businesses to help reduce their healthcare expenses. And they have adopted a subscription-based healthcare model in which patients pay a monthly fee for unlimited visits. 

“And we give you as much time as you need,” Hazelbaker said. “It finally feels like we can make a dent in the system.”
Treating the soul
But for the sisters/business partners, it isn’t just about their patients’ physical wellbeing.

“It is of the utmost importance to us that our business is authentically Catholic,” Marino said. “We offer free spiritual consults to our patients so we can address what may be robbing them of peace, especially in a time of such anxiety and fear.”

Faith, in fact, is the foundation for the practice for the sisters who are currently raising a combined seven children between them.

“I started Victress after wanting to reach patients on a deeper level spiritually,” Marino said. “We are passionate about addressing the spiritual poverty that is so apparent, especially when illness or chronic disease strikes.”

It is a faith with roots at CJ.

“We are so grateful to CJ for fueling our passion for our Catholic faith and the drive to excel in all we do,” Marino said. “I can still remember how we were taught to be lifelong learners and contributing members of society. We are certainly trying to put that into practice every day as Catholic business owners.”