Premier Health Presents Career Options to Students

Biology students discovered what it meant to be a genetic counselor when Kelly Drelles, MS, CGC, certified genetic counselor from Premier Health, visited campus last week to share her knowledge, experience, and path to finding her career.

“I really enjoyed my time at CJ,” said Drelles. “There are many different specialties in genetic counseling and on top of that, it is also a rapidly growing field with a need for more people to enter the field.”

Caty Maga, science teacher, brought Drelles in to help students connect the dots from the classroom to their future.

“We go over many of the things genetic counselors use on a daily basis in our current unit,” said Maga. “Our speaker was able to bring real life experience into the classroom by talking through real case studies which demonstrated different conditions and tools that we teach in our introductory biology class.”

“Students were able to see the real life benefit of what this science can do and does everyday. Whether it’s in the classroom, their personal lives, or on a future path - students were able to see how these concepts could someday apply to them,” said Maga.

CJ’s partnership with Premier Health dates back to 2009, and since then the medical network has provided many beneficial resources to students.

“We are grateful for the ongoing partnership we have with Premier Health, including their willingness to provide us access to health professionals who can share experiences that impact the learning of our students,” said Dan Meixner ‘84, CJ president.

The partnership goes far beyond assisting students in learning. CJ student athletes are better conditioned and able to recover more quickly because of the impact of the athletic trainer provided by Premier Health while their sponsorship of our practice field supports our commitment to have safe and beautiful facilities for our students to practice and compete.

“Throughout the years and through many levels of the organization, this partnership has been reinforced and demonstrates Premier's dedication to enhancing the health and viability of all people in the greater Dayton area," said Meixner.