CJ Spring Sports Wrap Up

CJ student athletes continued the spring athletic season well beyond the school year. Their accomplishments included a first-in-history GCL championship for girls lacrosse, a GCL championship for boys tennis, a State appearance by track and field, and a Regional championship title for CJ baseball.

"The success and accomplishments of the Spring Sports season speak volumes of our student-athletes and coaches' abilities to navigate through various challenges,” said Anthony Turner ‘04. “Despite the challenges of spring break, prom, weather cancellations, senior trips and graduations, they have shown their impressive ability to adjust, adapt, and remain focused on team goals. Their unwavering commitment to success on and off the field is truly remarkable."

Baseball saw postseason success this year taking their season all the way to the D2 State Semi Finals. The team brought home District and Regional Championships for the first time since 2019. They also set modern era school records:  Wins (27, Tie),  Runs (229),  XBH (70), Home Runs (12), and Strikeouts (249)

Overall Record: 27-6
GCL Record: 7-3

OHSBCA 2nd Team All State: JP Peltier '23
1st Team All Area and Division 2 District Player of the Year Award: Jackson Frasure '24
1st Team All Area Infield: JP Peltier '23
1st Team All Area OF: Jacob Brunner '23
2nd Team All Area Utility Player: Isaac Sullivan '26
2nd Team All Area: Charlie Hoagland '25
All Area D2 Coaching Staff of the Year
GCL Athlete of the Year: Jackson Frasure '24

GCL 1st Team: Jackson Frasure '24, JP Peltier '23, and Isaac Sulivan '26
GCL 2nd Team: Jacob Brunner '23, Patrick Gonter-Dray '23, Charlie Hoagland '25
GCL Honorable Mention: Colin Kadel '25
Girls Lacrosse
For the first time in the team’s history, the girl’s lacrosse team came out on top as GCL champions with their new best season record: 13-4. According to Coach Danielle Cash, the top performers contributing to the team’s success include: Brooke Peck '23 holding the team record for goals (94) and Anna Weinel '24 for ground balls (71); Austyn Yunger '23 for assists (16); Julie Cannon '26 for caused turnovers (18) and Brook Peck for points (107).

“It was a record breaking season for us,” said Cash. “We also achieved all but one team goal — seed high enough to host the tournament, but we can’t help how other teams vote. All in all it was a fun and happy season. Our motto remains: CJ Eagles win together!”

Overall Record:
GCL Record: 7-1 
GCL Conference Champions 

GCL Athlete of the Year: Brooke Peck 
GCL Coach of the Year: Danielle Cash 

GCL 1st Team: Brooke Peck '23, Bella Rugwiro '24, Austyn Yunger '23 and Anna Weinel '24
GCL 2nd Team: Julia Cannon '26, Tiffany Guirino '25, and Sydney Theibert '23
GCL Honorable Mention: Kristin Wright '24

Boys Tennis
For the third consecutive year, boys tennis has emerged on top as the GCL champions. Winning at first singles was Sam Zelinski ‘23, second singles was Cris Dickman ‘23, first doubles was Connor Hofstetter ‘24 and Cal Weatherspoon ‘24, and second doubles was Christopher Frank ‘24 and Aden Thomas ‘25. With a 5-0 record in the GCL for the third year in a row, CJ tennis has consistently shown up on the court and are now competing in the district tournament. 

Dickman went undefeated in the GCL throughout the following three years. Zelinski had a similar accomplishment with only one league loss in his three-year tennis career. 

Four members who qualified for District play in doubles this year are Sam Zelinski, Cris Dickman, Connor Hoffstetter, and Cal Weatherspoon. 
Overall Record: 17-5
GCL Record: 5-0 
GCL Conference Champions 

Athlete of the Year: Sam Zelinski '23
Chaminade Julienne Coach of the Year: Jim Brooks 

GCL 1st Team: Sam Zelinski '23 - 1st Singles; Cris Dickman '23 - 2nd Singles 
GCL 2nd Team: Sam Wendling '25 - 3rd Singles; Connor Hofstetter '24 - 1st Doubles; Cal Weatherspoon '24 - 1st Doubles 
GCL Honorable Mention: Christopher Frank '24 - 2nd Doubles; Aden Thomas '25 - 2nd Doubles

Track and Field 
Track had another outstanding season of competition with many athletes achieving personal bests in their disciplines. The track program had members of the team qualify for regionals in the following events: Girls 4x100; Boys 4x100; Boys 4x200; Boys Long Jump - Jeff Wall '23; Girls Shot Put - Nneka Archimalo '24; Girls 100m and 200m - Te'aria Branham Patrick '25.

After a fierce competition at the Regional Meet, the track program saw the following qualify for state: Girls 4x100; Boys Long Jump - Jeff Wall '23; 100m and 200m - Te’aria Branham Patrick '25; and Boys 4x100. Boys 4x100 finished sixth place in D2 overall and Te’aria Branham Patrick finished fifth in the 100m and third in the 200m. 

Girls Track Coach of the Year: Shelton James 
Field Events Player of the Year: Nneka Archimalo 

GCL 1st Team: Zyon Woods '24 - 110 Meter High Hurdles; Tayonne Turner '25- 400 Meter Relay and 800 M; Dereon Howard - 400 Meter Relay and 800 M; Diallo Forest '23 - 400 Meter Relay and 800 M; Aiden Lowery '25 - 400 Meter Relay and 800 M; Angela Williams '26 - 100 Meter High Hurdles, 300 M Hurdles, and Long Jump; Nneka Archimalo '24 - Shot Put 
GCL 2nd Team: Zyon Woods '24 - 300 Meter IM Hurdles; JaNiya Ward '25 - 200 Meter Dash; Nneka Archimalo - Discus GCL 
Honorable Mention: Calvin Russell '23 - Discus; Jeff Wall '23 - Long Jump; JaNiya Ward '25 - 400 Meter Dash; Mahaliyah Hill '26 - High Jump
Boys Lacrosse
This year's accomplishments included: 

Overall Record: 13-7 
GCL Record: 7-2 

GCL Athlete of the Year: Garrett Sass '23

GCL 1st Team: Garrett Sass '23, Luke Mitchell '23, Will Kandel '23
GCL 2nd Team: Ryder Mullins '23, Josiah Payne '23, Michael VanDorpe '23
GCL Honorable Mention: Alex Brown, Garrett Sass
2nd Team All-State Midfield: Luke Mitchell '23

Boys Volleyball
GCL 1st Team: Lee Turner '25
GCL 2nd Team: Nick Barber '23
GCL Honorable Mention: Nik Blumenstock '25
This years team accomplishments include:

Overall Record: 14-7 
GCL Record: 7-3 

GCL 1st Team: Anna Engler '23, Riley Fugett '23, Aubrey Kolton '26
GCL 2nd Team: Kiara Boehringer '24, Annabel Herwig '26, Ava Wade '26
GCL Honorable Mention: Calisse Russell '25