Students Score Perfect on ACT Exam

Two CJ students received top recognition for their achievements on a national college readiness exam. Charlotte DeLong ‘24 and Keaton DePierre ‘24 achieved perfect scores on their ACT’s. They attribute their success to a focus on strategy and personal care.  

DeLong noted that while she purchased a ACT prep book, she never even cracked it open and used other strategies instead.

“I mostly studied through test-taking strategies,” said DeLong. “Instead of reviewing material that might be on the ACT, I focused on making sure I used methods like the process of elimination, time management, and careful question-reading. I made sure to use all of those strategies on the test, and they worked well for me.”
DePierre took a slightly different approach and used practice tests to his advantage. Above all else he states his success mostly came from a focus on eating right and getting plenty of rest leading up to the test.
“Preparing for the ACT was a whole different world than preparing for a regular test,” said DePierre. “Studying can only get you so far in a standardized test, so I knew that I needed to focus more on being well rested and well fed for the days leading up to the test. That was what would make or break my score."
Both students did a double take when they received their final ACT scores weeks later. 
“One day, during English class, I saw an email that said my score was ready,” said DeLong. “I logged on to the ACT website and just started laughing. My first thought was that it was a joke and there was no way the score could be real. I refreshed the page, but the score stayed the same. When it started to sink in that it was legit, I sent my parents an email right away, and my mom, also a CJ English teacher, came rushing down the stairs to congratulate me, which made me so happy.”
"The feeling I got when I logged in and saw my score was unmatched,” said DePierre. “I'd gotten a perfect score on a couple of the practice tests, but to make it on the real deal felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders and I was prepared for success."
DeLong and DePierre are both excited for what the future holds now that they have proven without a doubt that they are ready for college and what comes next.
“Getting a 36 felt amazing and I feel extremely grateful to have done so well,” said DeLong. “I know it will afford me many scholarship and college opportunities in the future to help me pursue my dreams, and that makes me feel overwhelmingly happy and excited. To be honest, it still doesn't feel entirely real!”