Makiya Keeton ‘24 to Graduate from CJ and Sinclair in May 2024

On the brink of a remarkable accomplishment Makiya Keeton ‘24 is poised to not only graduate from Chaminade Julienne in May, but also from Sinclair Community College with an associate's degree in sociology. This dual graduation is a testament to her unwavering commitment and dedication to her education.

Keeton’s journey towards this extraordinary achievement began in sixth grade when she and her mother happened to pass a booth for the College Credit Plus program. Her mother encouraged her to sign up.

“My mom always believed I could do more than what I thought I could do, and it really helped push me to succeed,” she said.

Since then, she had skillfully juggled her high school coursework along with her college credits, creating a challenging yet rewarding academic path for herself. The secret to her success was her ability to manage her time and keep herself organized. 

“I try to get as much of my CJ work done at school during study hall or after classes end,” said Keeton. “That way I have time after school to focus on my Sinclair work, extracurricular activities, and spending time with my family and friends.”

On top of managing two class loads, Keeton also is an active participant in the CJ community as a member of the tennis team freshman through senior year. She continues to serve as an Eagle Ambassador for the school, showcasing her leadership skills by conversing with prospective families and supporting numerous CJ activities. 

With great enthusiasm and the realization that she is about to double graduate, Keeton looks forward to her bright future. 

“Reality started hitting a month or two ago,” said Keeton. “I just started thinking like, wow, I’m going to graduate twice, that’s a little insane!” 

Once she has collected her two diplomas in the spring, Keeton’s eyes are set on attending the University of Central Florida, where she plans to delve into her love for biology, focusing on the study of organisms, and ecosystems.

The College Credit Plus program at CJ began in 2016. Seven courses are currently offered through CJ, taught by CJ teachers during regular school hours. An informational session will be offered on January 25, 2024 for those who would like to know more about the program.

“Makiya is a highly motivated student whose hard work and perseverance have made her successful,” said Steve Fuchs, assistant principal. “She is a great testament to how participating in the CCP program while at CJ can help students get a head start to college.”