Marcus Fails Takes on Softball Head Coaching Position

Stepping into a new chapter at CJ, the school welcomes Marcus Fails as the new head coach for the varsity softball team. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Fails’s journey through sports includes a successful track record in football and baseball, along with college-level experience in football and volleyball. Fails is currently coaching varsity football at Stebbins High School, and has been part of the coaching staff at CJ, serving as an assistant coach for the softball team last year.
“I am thrilled to continue working with the incredible talent we have, and build upon the successes of our past season,” said Fails
Passion for coaching softball ignited within Fails back in 2016 when he took on coaching a middle school team who was struggling. 
“The drive to give back, inspired by my own coaches, along with an ever-growing love for the game, led me to this new role at CJ.”
Fails’s coaching philosophy goes beyond the field, emphasizing life lessons and resilience. With a focus on academics, he instills in his players the importance of being students first, ensuring they can handle stress and challenges both in sports and in their daily lives. The game is a medium for learning, growing, and cultivating a positive mindset that goes beyond the softball field.
“Marcus comes to us with a wealth of knowledge,” said Anthony Turner, director of athletics. “Most importantly he understands student athletes. He has the ability to foster relationships with his players to get the absolute best out of them every day while holding them accountable both on and off the field.” 
Encouraging each player to focus on personal improvement rather than just victories is central to Fails’s coaching approach. It's about setting personal bests, fostering leadership and sportsmanship, and making both the team and individual players proud. 
“For me, athletics are a pathway for personal growth,” he said. “I'm enthusiastic about the journey ahead and guiding these incredible student-athletes toward success as best I can.”