Serving in the Armed Forces

Please pray for our troops, especially graduates of Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School who are serving our country.

Prayer for the Armed Services

by Terence Cardinal Cooke*

O God, almighty and most gracious, we acknowledge your dominion on earth and in the heavens, and the infinite love manifest in your relationship with all people. As the Creator you have made the world and invited us to share in its development; as the Redeemer, you saved the world and invited us to participate in its salvation.

Give to the men and women of the Armed Services the wisdom and courage to so live and sacrifice that, with justice maintained and true liberty safeguarded, all people every where may be possessed of that peace which you alone can give.

As they are called to engage in dangerous missions, be with them, their constant support and their ultimate goal. May they know your continuous care and protection as they give of themselves that others may know security and peace.

Amen. Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

Submit the name of someone you know

Please pass on the names of additional members of the Chaminade Julienne community serving in the Armed Forces so that we can honor them on this site. Names may be submitted to Ann Szabo (email). Please type "Graduates in the Armed Forces" in the email subject line.

Name Graduation Year
Gen. Robert H. Schellman 1932
Gen. Urban E. Rohr 1932
Col. John E. Unverferth 1934
Col. Donald A. Kersting, USAF 1935
Col. Paul D. Koerner, USAF 1936
Lt. Col. Charles J. King 1938
Lt. Col. Charles J. King 1938

Lt. Col. Robert J. Schmidt
SSgt. Thomas Charles Ridenour


Capt. Cyril H. Buehler 1949
Col. Robert E. Koepnick 1949
Col. Richard T. Shigley 1950
Lt. Col. Ronald G. Weiher 1950
Capt.  Charles Klee, USN (Ret) 1951
Lt. Col. Richard A. Dix 1952
Capt. Richard A. Russell 1953
Col. William P. Johnson (Ret) 1953
Lt. Col. F. Joseph Guenther, USAF (Ret) 1954
Lt. Col. Thomas E. Wenzel 1954
Col. George T. Menker, USA (Ret)  1955
Lt. Col Frank C. Allen, U.S. Army (Ret) 1955
Lt. Col. Gerald A. Wessels (Ret) 1955
Lt John D. Prudhomme + 1956
Col. Jerome C. Thies
Capt. Donald J Hart
1st Lt Robert Edwin Alexander
Capt. Robert A. Scudder, Jr. 1959
Col. Adrian J. Gravelle 1960
Major Gen. Edward J. Mechenbier 1960
Col. Lawrence S. Sagan (Ret) 1961
Lt. Michael E. Fitzgerald 1961
Col. Robert M. Gravelle 1962
Lt. Col. Marilyn J. Allen                                     1962
Col. James J. Steele 1963
CTMCS Robin Gabe, USN (Ret) 1963
Lt. Col. Gerald M. Wenner, Jr. 1963
Capt. James J. Quashnock 1964
Capt. Thomas C. Davis (Ret) 1964
Capt. William L. Koerner (Ret) 1964
Col. Theodore J. Fink 1964
GySgt. J. V. Wonderly USMC (Ret) 1964
Mary Ann Stanley, US Army 1964 (JHS)
Capt. Robert L. Brandhuber 1965
Col. Michael Early (Ret) 1965
Major Mark W. List 1965
CW5 Charles Adkinson (Ret) 1966
Lt. Col. John M. Schriml, USAF (Ret) 1967
Lt. Col. Michael Kaylor 1967
Capt. F. Craig Puthoff 1968
Col. Maris J. McCrabb (Ret) 1969
Major Christopher E. Burger 1969
Capt. William H. Niemeier, Jr. 1970
Lt. Col. Christopher J. Gunther 1970
Col. Christina L. Lafferty 1971
Col. Marilyn R. Rogers (Ret)  1972
Major Mark A. Vaitkus, Ph.D. 1972
Lt. Cmdr. Clark E. Whitman 1973
Lt. Cmdr. Dawn A. Jameson 1975
Cmdr. William Prier (Ret) 1976
Col. Joseph S. Smyth 1976
Lt. Col. Fred J Eisert (Ret) ARNG 1976
Richard A. Ernst, CMSgt (R), USA 1978
Capt. Teresa A. Dugan 1979
Major Robert J. Sutter 1979
Capt. Sherry J. Holiday 1980
S. Sgt. Stephan R. Bowles 1980
Lt. Geoffrey H. Scott 1981
Major Paul E. Snyder 1982
Lt. Col. David A. Kauth 1984
S. Sgt. Joseph A. Maurer 1984
Wo. James M. Daum, USAR 1984
Capt. Anthony W. Skees 1985
Lt. Col. John E. Black 1985
Sgt. Thomas J. Lucente, Jr. 1985
Capt. Gregory J. Smith 1986
Capt. Maria L. Reymann 1986
Mr. Andrew J. Bernier 1986
Mr. Jeffrey R. Stukey 1987
Lt. Mark A. Evans 1988
Lt. Tiffany J. Murphy 1988
S. Sgt. John C. Froschauer, USAF 1989
Lt. Matthew Sweeney 1990
Lt. Andrew J. Thomas 1991
TSgt. Marc Nelson, USAF 1992
Sgt. Jeremy K. Hackenberg 1993
Petty Officer 2nd Class Deon Bailey, US Navy 1994
Lt. Sean M. Turner 1995
S. Sgt. Scriven L. King 1995
Sgt. Ebony Conner Hogan, US Army 1995
Spc. Julie Gallagher, ARNG 1995
Ms. Nadja K. Taurek 1996
S. Sgt, Christie Vecchio-Meserve, USAF 1997
Lt. Justin Hickey, USAF 2000
S. Sgt. Nicholas A. Budenz, USAF 2000
Ens. Aidan Carrig, USN 2001
Ens. Chris Heck, USN 2001
Ens. Matt Keefe, USN 2001
Sgt. Amanda Noonan 2001
Lt. Michelle L Hamilton, US Army 2002
MST2 Deborah Metzger, USCG 2002
PO Joshua Rihm, USCG 2002
LCPL Daniel B. Henn 2003
S. Sgt. Steven Jones, USAF 2004
SrA Jordan Hickey, USAF 2004
SSgt India Lyle, USAF 2004
Steve Potts, USMC 2004
Lt. Alex Treadway 2005
2Lt Zachary J. Kauth 2008
2Lt Alexander J. Kauth 2009
Christopher R. Ernst, PFC, USA 2010
Pvt. Jeremy Johnson, USMC