Men's Crew

The CJ men's crew members compete as members of the Dayton Boat Club.


Novice/new rowers are welcomed. No experience needed or expected. Rowers and coxswains are needed!

What is rowing?

  • Rowing is the country’s oldest intercollegiate sport. The Harvard-Yale race in 1852 was the first time two U.S. colleges competed against each other in any sport.
  • We typically train and race in 60-foot-long, 200-lb eight-person boats (shells), although we also row/race in four-person, two-person, and single-person shells.
  • Rowing is a full-body workout. If you aren’t yet in good shape, joining the team will get you there!
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What if I'm new to rowing?

Don’t worry – almost all Dayton Boat Club members started rowing here! Most rowers become proficient within a season. First-year rowers and coxswains in any grade level compete in the Novice category, against other first-year rowers and coxswains. After the first year, the athlete is elevated to varsity status.

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How is CJ associated with the Dayton Boat Club?

  • CJ offers competitive rowing for boys and girls through the Dayton Boat Club (DBC), an area rowing club offering excellent coaching and competitive training.
  • Approximately 30 rowers and coxswains from CJ currently compete on this season’s Dayton Boat Club team.
  • For those varsity team members who qualify, CJ offers varsity letters.
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Is the program successful?

  • Each season our rowing teams compete successfully in regional and national regattas. In 2008 our women’s four finished fourth in the nation; we finished 8th in 2006 and 2007.
  • Our success attracts college coaches who regularly contact, visit, and recruit our most committed athletes.
  • A number of our members have achieved national-level individual recognition: (USRowing selection camp, USRowing National Team Identification Camp, National Scholar Athlete, NCAA All-American).
  • A high-quality staff of dedicated coaches, including former US National Champions, former A-10 Coach of the Year, three former NCAA Division 1 coaches, and USRowing Junior National Team
  • Development Camp coaching experience.
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Who can join?

  • Rowing is for both boys and girls, with members typically joining their freshman year (although interested sophomores and upperclass athletes are also very welcome to try it for the first time).
  • No experience is necessary, nor expected.
  • Many rowing team members are multi-sport athletes including varsity volleyball players, basketball players, cross country runners, field hockey players, and swimmers. Rowing is a great core strengthening, low impact, full body workout.
  • Every year we start with novice athletes and help them transform into highly competitive crews.
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When/how can I join?

  • Our high school rowing programs are designed to allow our athletes to participate in other seasonal sports. Because of this, we offer many opportunities for interested athletes to join. The primary times of year to begin rowing with CJ are at our Summer Camps and during Winter training.
  • Winter training starts typically the first week of December through February at the SCC
  • Winter organization meeting is typically the first week of December.  Miss the meeting?  Contact Mike Bruggeman (, 681 3067)

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When is the rowing season?

  • CJ recognizes the spring as the team’s season. The spring is the primary rowing season, which lasts from March to mid-May, but can extend into early June if a boat qualifies for Nationals.
  • Training for the spring season begins in the winter. The first indoor workouts starting at the end of November. Those in other sports are exempt from winter training.
  • Rowing can be accomplished - weather-permitting - year-round. DBC has fall and summer programs for those who wish to row during those times.
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Where does the team meet?

  • Our on-the-water rowing happens on the 5-mile stretch of the Great Miami River from Moraine to West Carrollton. Our boathouse is on River Road near the I-75 Dryden exit.
  • Our indoor training during winter is held at the University of Dayton Indoor Rowing Facility Stonemill.
  • CJ does not offer transportation, although most participants carpool.
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What are the costs?

  • Because the equipment and facilities costs are so high (a new boat can surpass $30,000), we must charge participation fees. Fee information is provided at the parent’s meeting.
  • Separate CJ participation fees are also required.
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Am I considered a novice?

You are considered varsity if you rowed the previous Spring Season (ie, if this is your 2nd Spring). If a summer camp or this fall is your introduction to the sport, you are considered novice.

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How do I learn more about joining CJ rowing?

Watch this website for announcements, especially the start of winter training. This starts annually the weekend after Thanksgiving. Contact Coach Mike Miles for more information.

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