Steve Fuchs

CJ Service: Assistant Principal
937-461-3740 x205  |  email

Education: University of Dayton, BA Mathematics; University of Dayton, MS Educational Leadership; University of Dayton, Principal Licensure

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: Adjunct Instructor for the math department at the University of Dayton

CJ Philosophy: The feeling of community and belonging permeate Chaminade Julienne’s hallways.  As soon as one walks in the door this feeling is evident.  Not only is this something I hear from people all the time, it is something I experienced first-hand when I first entered CJ in December 1996.  It is also the same feeling that has kept me here as an employee and brought my children here as students.
As the Assistant Principal, my main focus is on offering a challenging and comprehensive academic program to our students.  I am happy to report that CJ accomplishes this extremely well as is evidenced by our college success rate.  However, a CJ education is beyond just academic rigor.  Mixed with our academic rigor are the teachings of the Catholic Church and the inspiration of both Fr. William Chaminade and St. Julie Billiart.  Having our students learn all of this definitely prepares them well for the rest of their lives.

I want all students to be successful both during their time in high school and in life.  I work to make sure that students have the ability to explore different topics and careers while at the same time concentrating on the topics that really interest them.  To achieve this students must be given flexibility to explore other options at earning credit besides traditional course work during the traditional school day.  I was able to complete my Master’s degree entirely online because that is what best fit my schedule at the time.  Opportunities like this are good for high school students as well.