Tina Wagoner

CJ Service: Director of Marketing and Communications
Other Service: Eagle Pride Color Guard Staff
937-461-3740 x238  |  email

Education: University of Dayton, BA Communications (Journalism)

Professional Affiliations and Organizational Outreaches: Public Relations Society of America

After working in my previous position at a marketing and graphics design company that I considered to be home for nearly 18 years, I believed that the Spirit was guiding me to become a permanent member of the CJ community as the school’s coordinator of communications. The decision to accept came after interacting with faculty, staff and students for two years, beginning with the first assignment of producing the 2006 fall issue of the school’s magazine, Vision. New opportunities quickly developed over the next two years from assisting with the monthly parent newsletter to managing the website and updating the school’s branding in 2007.

Nine years later, we have incorporated the use of technology to communicate out in ways unimagined just under a decade ago. We tweet. We post. We register participants for events and camp experiences online. Yet, for me, the heart message continues to be the same: there is a Catholic educational experience — in the heart of Dayton, Ohio — that is like no other in this world. It is a community of welcome where all are called to respect the dignity of others.