STEMM Scholarship Application

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Please reference any experience you have had in STEMM related activities or projects such as science fair, NSO, boy scouts or girl scouts, and list areas of accomplishment or recognition in those experiences. 


PROMPT: After learning how much water is contained on the earth, in various forms, it was discovered by CJ students how little of it – approximately 3% - is ready for immediate consumption. These CJ students, in partnership with the Sisters of Notre Dame De Namur, responded by developing the clean water project in Belize. The the Sisters of Notre Dame’s photovoltaic and clean water project, connects with Procter & Gamble Pur water filtration packets which are being distributed worldwide in conjunction with the Cincinnati-based company’s Children's Safe Drinking Water program. Because of these partnerships and advancements in STEMM fields, children can now have safe drinking water.

  • QUESTION 1: What other ways can science be a positive impact in the world today?
  • QUESTION 2: What innovative science ideas do you have or have experimented with that could one day bring about positive change on the global community?

You may type all responses on one document; please make sure to include the question number your response is for.

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