Archdiocese of Cincinnati - SafeParish Portal

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati previously utilized VIRTUS, requiring all volunteers and employees to accept the Child Protection Decree, process all background checks, and complete monthly bulletins to remain compliant and permitted to be around students. In July of 2021, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati moved to a new portal, SafeParish
All volunteers and employees are required to create a new profile in SafeParish.  If you previously had a current VIRTUS profile, the registration instructions explain how those records will be imported into SafeParish. 

If you plan to volunteer at your parish or school, or are a current employee - you must have a SafeParish profile and complete the necessary items to be approved. No in-person initial training will be offered, as all are now virtual within the portal. A one time $25 online background check also remains a requirement by all. 

Those registered in SafeParish will no longer be required to complete monthly bulletins. There will be a new, interactive video downloaded quarterly. You will be required to complete the 7-10 minute video every 3 months - within 30 days of the month it is loaded in. These will begin in September 2021. If a video training is missed- after 30 days you become non-compliant and unable to volunteer or be with students. Automatic emails will be sent by SafeParish.

If you have any trouble registering or your VIRTUS profile does not match, please troubleshoot with SafeParish.

We appreciate all you do to remain compliant and help us to protect our Eagles!