At Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School, inclusivity is at the heart of our mission. Guided by the teachings of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade and Saint Julie Billiart, we celebrate the unique gifts and perspectives that each individual brings to our community.

In the spirit of family, we welcome diversity in its many forms and embrace those who seek to find a home community based on the Gospel teaching of Jesus Christ — the expression of God’s love. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond acceptance; it is a call to understand, appreciate, and learn from one another.
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We strive to create an educational environment where every student feels valued, respected, and empowered to discover, grow and share their unique gifts and their faith in God. Through open dialogue, compassion, and a shared sense of purpose, we build a community that reflects the love and unity inherent in our Catholic faith.

Chaminade Julienne is a place where differences are not only acknowledged but celebrated—a space where students are encouraged to be their authentic selves. Together, we work towards a future where the principles of inclusivity and understanding extend far beyond our school walls, shaping compassionate leaders for a diverse and interconnected world.

We are blessed to have the support, wisdom and experiences through the work of these individuals and groups: 
  • Equity and Inclusion Action Team: CJ is committed to actively promoting and integrating principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the school community, aligning with the teachings and values of our Catholic faith. The Equity & Inclusion Action team will serve as a valuable resource for faculty and staff by promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment for students, educators, and administrators. The team is composed of CJ faculty and staff members. 
  • Students in Action: Under the leadership of CJ staff members Libby Harbaugh and Logan Allen, Students in Action (SIA) is a student group committed to initiating a variety of initiatives, events, and open dialogues that promotes awareness and education about different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. This creative and diverse set of group leaders supports the holistic growth and the betterment of the CJ community.
  • SOAR: Students Owning Accountability and Respect (SOAR) is a relatively new program launched during the 2022-2023 school year that allows designated school time to be used to focus on creating space for the teaching of important life skills like social and emotional learning, self discovery, understanding others, and building fellowship, community, and meaningful relationships amongst peers.  
  • Things to Keep in Heart and Mind: Committed to recognizing the histories, traditions, experiences, and contributions of all members of its community, beautifully enriched by the gift of diversity, the CJ family believes that these educational opportunities will affirm cultural identity and faith formation. Periodically, the office of mission and inclusion will highlight different current events, individuals, or topics to educate and celebrate in the spirit of family.
  • Danielle Harrison: With over 26 years of experience of working in Christian environments, Danielle is a teacher, facilitator, trainer, consultant, spiritual director, campus minister and retreat director. Danielle is a trained facilitator for Dismantling Racism and promoting Cultural Competency, and is frequently sought after to speak to issues of Equity and Inclusion. Danielle continues her work in support of the CJ community and has monthly meetings with the CJ president and a separate meeting with the director of mission & inclusion.
    • Dr. James Knight’s Work: As an equity and inclusion strategist, James Knight collaborates with leaders and organizations including Chaminade Julienne to create humility-based frameworks. His primary goal is to help build safe environments that foster individual thriving and the expression of one's best self.