Ensuring A Safe Community

We at Chaminade Julienne have procedures and policies in place to ensure that student safety is of the utmost priority. Parents and families entrust us with their children and we continue to seek ways to help strengthen our safe environment for our school, while preserving the welcoming nature of our community.

Steps we take to create a safe learning and teaching environment include:

  • Every teacher, every staff member and administrator, every coach and every volunteer who serves our students submits to a background check at time of hiring, and at regular intervals during the time of employment.
  • Every teacher, every staff member and administrator, every coach and every volunteer who serves our students is required to undergo extensive education regarding the Decree on Child Protection from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati at time of hire, and required to complete monthly updates on child safety for as long as their relationship continues with the school.
  • By school policy, every person who works at CJ is required to report any suspicion of child abuse, neglect, or harassment to school leadership.  By state law and by the canons of ethics for teachers and counselors, every licensed person is required to report any suspicion of child abuse to Montgomery County Child Protective Services.  In both cases, there is no room for discretion regarding the reporting obligation.
  • Under the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Decree on Child Protection, CJ leadership is required to report any suspicion of abuse of children to the Archdiocese and to local law enforcement for investigation. Again, there is no discretion regarding this reporting obligation.
  • We have invested in creating City Connects at CJ, a proactive review of the social and emotional needs of every student.  Every teacher provides information to our student support coordinators, who will create a plan for any student struggling with the challenges of growing up or the challenges they face outside the school building.
  • We have retained a mental health coordinator through the ECHO program at the University of Dayton.  Any student facing a crisis can receive care and a referral to persons who can and will help them through any crisis.
  • Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, we implemented our universal drug testing program to prevent students from engaging in risky behavior or, if they already have, to help them recover before usage derails their opportunity for a happy and productive life as God intended them to have.
  • We have provided training for our faculty and staff regarding social media, how to respond to an intruder, and how to identify harassment. And, we initiate periodic audits of our campus and building regarding safety, and implement the resulting recommendations.

In addressing incidents as we become aware of them, we make decisions based on policy and information at hand. If a threat to the safety of our students is determined to have happened, we act on the side of student safety and notify those who are impacted.

We strive to proactively create a school environment that is as safe as we can possibly make it. We appreciate your involvement, your questions and your support along the way.

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