CJ Announces Ascend: $25 Million Effort

Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School announces Ascend — a $25 million campaign effort that will allow the school to pilot and enact strategic initiatives that will best serve students in changing times. Ascend will also provide the school with enhanced financial viability to serve a growing enrollment and position the school to enact opportunities imagined by the school’s campus master plan.
At an announcement event held on April 11, John Marshall '86, director of development, said that benefactors had already made gifts and pledges totaling $18 million toward the goal.
“We still have some work to do,” he said to those who had gathered to hear what was planned for the school, “but we are so grateful to those people who continue to create new and exciting opportunities for our school and community.

“The additional $7 million of gifts from our community that we will seek in the months ahead will help pilot our new academic and student support model in the 2024 -2025 school year; allow every student to attend a mission trip or pilgrimage during their time at CJ; and will update remaining spaces in the building centered around student services," he said.

Campus development and improvements:
  • The demolition of Marianist Hall, a building just south of Emmanuel Catholic Church;
  • The relocation and renovation of offices and services into the school building, including: CJ Chapel, admissions, health clinic, and St. Joseph meeting space;
  • The purchase of Founders Center which accommodates administrative offices, space for student activities and 7th and 8th graders from Our Lady of the Rosary; and
  • The purchase of the Dayton Frozen Solutions building.
Enhanced support and development programs:
  • College and career readiness;
  • English Learner services;
  • Counseling initiatives;
  • Teacher professional development and growth plans; and
  • Academic scholarships.
  • Help develop and implement the enhanced SOAR advisory model next year centered around student well-being and support;
  • Provide means for all students to attend a mission trip during their time at CJ; and
  • Renovate spaces that will further our goals to meet all the needs of our students, including the office of student services, counseling office and ECHO spaces, welcome center, health center (already accomplished because of Ascend), and classrooms.
  • Allow for the demolition of the cold storage building on Eaker Street to provide future opportunities for campus development.

Campus improvements and expansion already funded by Ascend include the purchase of 300 S. Perry Street in the spring of 2022 — now Founders Center; the demolition of Marianist Hall in January of 2023; and the purchase of the former cold storage building on the north edge of the school’s campus in the fall of 2023. 

Gifts also allowed for the relocation of the school’s chapel, admissions office and health clinic to the main school building and the demolition of the former residence for the Marianist brothers and priests, used for administrative offices since 2013. These administrative offices were moved to Founders Center, which also provides space for student activities, meetings, school archives and classrooms for students from Our Lady of Rosary School in Old North Dayton, which has outgrown its school building.
Improvement projects yet to be completed, based on the future success of Ascend, include renovating spaces dedicated to serving students such as the welcome center, counseling offices and classrooms and the demolition of the former cold storage building for future development.
In addition to campus improvements, the campaign will also secure student support services that have been piloted over the last few years, including expanded counseling services, English learner support, and the four-year college and career readiness program. It will also continue to support increased funding for professional development for teachers.

The school will also introduce an integrated academic advisory program during the 2024-2025 school year, which will result in an educational experience inclusive of many facets of education outside of the classroom.
“With the restructuring of the school day, students will have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into academic studies as well as have new opportunities to join clubs and participate in enrichment programs that will now be offered through the school day,” said Greg Mueller, principal.
“This change will increase student participation in clubs, enrichment programs, and leadership opportunities, especially for students who have family or work obligations right after school.”

The school is called to read the signs of the times and adapt to the changing needs of its students as part of its mission. Asking “What’s next?” for students is part of the school’s tradition.

“We are now nearly a quarter of the way into the 21st century. We are clearly in a place where young people need to be absolutely certain — in their heads and in their hearts that God loves them, and that each one is valued and treasured as a child of their creator,” said Dan Meixner '84, CJ president at the announcement event.
“We boldly seek to fortify Chaminade Julienne as a very special place of welcome — a sacred place where students are encouraged to seek God’s design for their lives; where students learn and grow alongside of students from different backgrounds; and where students thrive because they are inspired by caring and creative teachers, coaches, and staff members who encourage them to reach for their fullest potential.”

More details about Ascend can be found here.